Mom Doesn't Care About My Klout Score

posted on August 3rd 2011 in Facebook & PR & social media & Strategy & Technology with 0 Comments

A piece of editorial and onslaught of social media nudging recently had me concerned about what my Klout score said about my job performance. In most PR roles, social media takes up an increasingly large slice of the public relations pie. We’re expected to know how to build communities and protect reputations anyways, so it makes sense to understand the tools available to do so online, whether or not we’re the ones executing social web programs.

But what if Klout score was tied to things like salary increases, bonuses, vacation time and other “benefits” a worker has to earn? In a community manager or social media strategist role, it makes sense, but for PR, it can misdirect focus and compel people to look for ways to “game” the system to build a higher Klout score artificially.  Social media is important, but when inflating a mysterious social web algorithm makes us deviate from what we know and do best, it’s counterproductive.

I’m fortunate to have a boss who appreciates talents and work that isn’t quantified by a third party web program. But as we fight to prove the ROI of our tweets and status updates, it’s important to remember that meaningful communication and productivity in the eyes of our employer and clients is the end goal, not an aplusk-esque Klout score.

Mom taught me many things, but a few that stuck were: work hard, avoid regret and jealousy and don’t let third party algorithms affect your self-esteem. Klout can be a useful tool to gauge your influence, but if your influence is better leveraged outside social web channels, the score is not as important as the ROI you get personally and professionally out of using social media.  Thanks Ma!


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