If you’re not on Google+, you’re missing out

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By: Peter Girard

The worth of Google+ has been a popular discussion topic, and one business owners should want to listen in on. I’d argue, if you’re not on Google+, you’re missing out.

“But Pete,” you say, “we’re already very active on Twitter and Facebook, I think we’ve got social covered.”

It’s fantastic to be active on Facebook and Twitter, they’re two popular social media sites with huge communities and both are fantastic ways to engage your customers. Adding Google+ can only help you and your business however. Now, this isn’t to say there aren’t hurdles but the benefits are definitely worth the work.

For one, perhaps you’ve been active on Facebook and Twitter for several years, have worked hard to build up a tight-knit community of brand advocates and the idea of starting over on a new social media network intimidates you. This is a valid concern and shows you care about how you spend your time and energy as a business. On the flip side, have you noticed the organic reach of your Facebook posts isn’t what it quite used to be?

Google+ gives business owners blended search results. Wherein, Google+ content (content you post) can actually rank in search results in instances where your website may not! As Google and Google+ become ever more entwined, even hashtag searches on Google are yielding recent Google+ posts that utilize that hashtag.

hashtag search

Integration with Google+ also yields your business a Google listing. If you’re properly setup on Google+, potential and existing customers looking up your business or services may be shown a snippet of your company information the right side of their screen known as a Google listing.

google listing

Another benefit comes in the form of authorship. Google+ authorship syncs up a Google+ profile to an individual webpage, blog post, or article. It’s a fantastic was to gain exposure and build a brand. As my colleague Kalyn mentioned in her blog post earlier this week, having a blog adds fresh content to your website every time you post. Highlight that fresh content via your Google+ page to build the reputation of a knowledgeable business, in-touch with what’s going on around you.


Adding Google+ to your social media repertoire adds benefits beyond just the ones I’ve mentioned here today. Are you on Google+? How has it helped your business? Feel free to connect with me on Twitter @CasterPete OR on Google+ here

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