New Twitter Features You Might Not Have Known Existed

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By: Peter Girard

Isn’t Twitter great? Why just last month they wished me a Happy Twitterversary in honor of my @CasterPete account turning a whole 2 years old. Don’t believe me? Check it out, here’s the highly personalized message I’m pretty much 100% certain they only sent out to me.


But enough about me, let’s talk about Twitter. The social media platform has been rolling out some pretty exciting features that you may or may not know about just yet so I’m here you clue you in. Some of the newer features include being able to send private messages to groups and sending short videos.

First up, group DM’s. Previously you could only send a direct (private) message to just one follower at a time but with group DM, you can bring others into the conversation and exchange private messages with each other.

twitter groups

Setting up a new group direct message is easy enough too. From your Twitter account, simple locate the messages icon, click it and select “new message”. From there, simply type in the Twitter handles you’re looking to include in a DM group and you’ll be good to go. I’ve included an example DM below between a couple co-workers.

group DM

The new Twitter DM groups let you converse in confidence with a group of up to 20 people. You can add follows at any time and they’ll receive a notification they’ve been added so they don’t miss any of the action.

The second, and what I believe to be cooler feature, is the ability to record video clips up to 30 seconds long, edit them, and then Tweet them out. If you have an iPhone, you’ll be able to upload and edit videos directly from your camera roll. If you’re on Android, too bad for you, Twitter has said that feature is “coming soon”.

So what are your options for tweeting out short videos as it stands now? First there was Vine, which allowed you to link up your Twitter account and tweet out 6-second films. Then Instagram came along and introduced their ability to send out 15-second films, which more than doubled what was previously possible via Vine. With Twitter’s ability to record, edit, and upload video clips up to 30-seconds long, the ability to share videos on Twitter has yet again, doubled.

So the tweet above should read “desk tour” not “desk your” which just goes to show your smartphone’s auto correct is still bound to get the best of you sometimes. Part of me wanted to shoot the video again, but Boomer wasn’t feeling it and told me his part came out fine so we just had to roll with it. So what do you think of Twitter’s new features? Feel free to reach out to me @CasterPete and let me know.

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