The Home Safety Hub: Combining the Smart Home and Personal Safety

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Yesterday Nortek Security & Control launched a new hybrid hub which blends home security from their 2GIG sensors with the Numera PERS solution. The hub is ideal for those aging in place or managing chronic conditions, it lets users and their families or caregivers check in on their health and safety from afar.

With 2GIG sensors such as CO and smoke detectors, and glass-break, motion and window/door sensors with alerts from wireless personal emergency sensors in a single PERS console for seniors or others needing support while living alone. The Numera Home Safety Hub integration with connected wireless security sensors represents an evolution of personal safety technology in the home. The hub comes with complementary lightweight wearables, which provide emergency response for the user that can be activated from their wrist or as a pendant.  The Home Safety Hub features a range up to 1,000 feet, customizable “night-time,” “do-not disturb” and personalized activity windows, along with full compatibility with personal safety and 2GIG home sensors. The hub is easily installed and set up, reducing field time, complexity and cost.

With the included Personal Help Button, assistance is just a discreet button push away, and with remote alerts of a potential fire or fall in the home, help is summoned even when the user cannot react. Creating interoperability between the smart home and personal safety devices provides caregivers with notifications of events that require their involvement, including a smoke alarm, detection of a potential fall or prolonged inactivity during a certain period of time. It also enables activity control when used with door and motion sensors, where caregivers could receive an alert if the door is opened and motion detected at a time that would cause for concern such as late at night or during unsafe weather conditions.

When families and caregivers don’t live near or are away from their loved ones who have the Home Safety Hub, they can received notifications for unusual activity. A caregiver who is at work can intervene in the care of their loved one if, for example, they have not yet opened their bedroom door by a certain point in the morning. The sensors provide a way for caregivers to be lightly involved without intruding on the privacy of the user, or be informed of possible emergencies including CO, fire or break-in alerts. The Home Safety Hub along with the other devices in the Numera line will be shown in Las Vegas next week at ISC West, in booth #20031. See more smart home news and ISC West updates from our other clients here.

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