Think your company doesn’t need a social media presence?

The emergence of social media in the past decade has changed the PR industry – the days of solely relying on the media to spread news and communicate with audiences are gone, and companies are now realizing the importance of social media platforms in sharing news. While press releases and media announcements are still crucial to a brand, social media has emerged as a way to instantly share news with large target audiences and gain feedback. Whether your company is a B2B or B2C corporation, maintaining a social media presence is important to reach key audiences.

There are arguably five key social media platforms that matter to a business – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and now Snapchat are critical to companies. Depending on the industry, an organization may not need a presence on each platform to reach intended audiences. For consumer facing brands, Facebook and Twitter are absolutely necessary to share product or event information, receive feedback, provide customer service and support, and increase awareness.  Instagram and Snapchat have recently proven to be effective platforms as well, and companies have gotten creative in the ways these networks can be used to reach consumers. Startups and companies launching on Kickstarter also need social to get noticed in a crowded space.


  • Increasing awareness – Most consumer facing companies realize the power of social media to make or break a product. Social media users share fun and interesting content with their online friends, and having a video or post shared greatly increases brand awareness. Using fun and creative content not only gets an organization’s news to larger audiences but also makes the information memorable and boosts SEO.
  • Feedback and customer service – Social media platforms provide a quick way to identify, respond to, and provide a resolution to a customer’s concern or issue. Responding quickly with resources to help or a customer service contact addresses problems head on and prevents problems from escalating.
  • Press –PR pros realize that sometimes there are better chances of a pitch getting noticed on Twitter than a journalist’s crowded email. Having a company consumer facing Twitter handle to link to increases the likelihood of key media paying attention to product news, company announcements, and product updates.


  • Building relationships with key audiences – Twitter and LinkedIn are needed to boost awareness with audiences including media and other relevant leaders. Having a social media presence also allows companies to monitor competitor news and relevant happenings within the industry. Engaging with these audiences shows your organization’s worth and expertise.
  • Corporate positioning – Brand consistency is reflected in messaging and social media presence, and this can be strengthened through relevant posts on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Regardless of the type of organization, every company must identify and be present on relevant social media platforms to be noticed.

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