A Post Grad’s Steps to Join the Working World

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Going from post grad to the working world within a month was a big change for me. I’m used to spending my summers holding down multiple part time jobs and asking “How do you like your coffee made?” This summer I’m transitioning from that familiar face behind the coffee counter to a PR intern. This transition wasn’t easy and took some lifestyle changes in order for me to be prepared.

The first thing that I did after I graduated was go through my résumé with a fine-toothed comb. I updated it with my graduation information, final GPA, new contact information and internships I had completed that semester. With these updates, the document became longer than one page, making me realize that I would have to get rid of some older information. I decided to shorten and combine the descriptions used for my experience and well as my education information. Another aspect I looked at altering on my résumé was the formatting. I looked at résumé examples online and I realized that mine could use some work so I switched up the font, date formatting and made it cohesive. At the end of editing, my résumé was clean and professional.

After you graduate it’s important to realize the difference between a student and professional profile. I started by updating my LinkedIn profile and connecting with peers and professionals in my field. I took the information I changed in my resume and made sure that it correlated with my LinkedIn page, and changed my LinkedIn profile picture to one that was more fitting. Then I had to look at my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages; for these I made sure that the photos I posted and shared were all appropriate and represented who I am not only as a person but an employee. I also began to follow accounts that were related to social media, marketing, public relations and other fields that I’m interested in. Now when I use these accounts I keep in touch with my friends, and stay updated what’s going on in my professional fields.

The next step I took was scouring through Indeed, LinkedIn and other job sites for openings. I did this at least once every day and saved the jobs I was interested in. I also made time to find and research companies that I was interested in working for, which opened my eyes to the different career paths that I could take and what companies I could do that with. I then followed these companies on LinkedIn and other social media sites so that I could stay updated on what they were doing. Another good resource tool for this is your school’s career services site where there are sure to be applicable jobs listed. These connecting and searching steps helped me to land my internship here at Caster.

All of these steps helped me make the transition from post grad to working world. With that being said going from being a college senior to the working world is a big step. To make sure you’re ready, take the right steps in preparing for this new part of your life.



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