Snapchat’s Influence: Stealing stickers and adding lenses

posted on July 18th 2016 in instagram & social media with 0 Comments

Every time you look, social media platforms have new updates. And month or so ago Snapchat added new stickers, larger button icons and they keep sneaking in new ways for us to add friends. The interactive contact that Snapchat is evolving to have is causing a chain reaction in other social platforms. Last week, Facebook announced that Facebook Live will have filters very much like Snapchat lenses, for users to ‘wear’ while they chat with friends.

Twitter also introduced Stickers, emoji-accessories that you can stick, resize, and rotate on your photos; again, in extreme likeness to Snapchat. What’s interesting about these updates is that it shows the influence that Snapchat, or even one social platform, can have on others. The way we communicate and the way that brands interact with consumers has changed rapidly as a result of Snapchat’s successful and profitable sponsored filters and lenses.

Instead of just sending static pictures to our friends as we used to with regular SMS messages or with Facebook messenger, we’re now interacting with photos by drawing on top of them or adding stickers. And now we’re sending video, which can even have moving stickers added right onto an object in Snapchat; all of this is including the people who we’re communicating with into our experiences more-so than just sending a plain image. Twitter and Instagram are getting in on this video action, by enabling better features to play them and the ability for longer videos in our feeds.

But until recently, Twitter and Facebook weren’t a part of this experiential-communication that is gaining ground, although arguably Facebook’s reactions were a step toward this interaction. Now they’re trying to catch up with the user experience that Snapchat provides, as well as the ability for brands to interact. Snapchat’s sponsored filters and lenses have high engagement rates, which may be bumping out the sponsored hashtags that we see on Twitter. Competing with interactive images and video will be the next hurdle, with the livestreaming battle coming closely behind it with YouTube, Facebook and Periscope. But on the other hand, Snapchat is trying to home in on the action of Facebook for sharing old photos with the new Memories feature, which shocked everyone last week. Snapchat is known for photos that disappear, so we’ll see how users take on saving and reposting photos as they would on Facebook. We’ll at least see some #ThrowbackThursday happen on the platform for the first time!

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