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Pinterest is a popular social media platform full of science, recipes, nature, humor, technology, you name it! Besides finding inspiration for your personal life, Pinterest can be used to promote a business, providing opportunities to have ideas and products seen by millions and to have them shared worldwide.

The first step in making a Pinterest account is to choose ‘Pinterest for Business’, which will give you access to analytics, promoted pins and a save button. When setting up a Pinterest business account, use your full business name and claim it in the Pinterest URL. This will make it easier when users search your company and bring them directly to your company page. When filling in the information for your account use your full business name, link to your business page and all social media accounts and write a clear description of your company and what you’re all about. This ensures that users have a clear understanding of who your company is and what you do as well as access to all of your sites. After creating your business account, figure out what your objectives are. Do you want more website visitors? More product exposure? Better customer engagement? After you identify your main objectives, you can choose the content you share more precisely.

Use high-quality photos that will stand out and look professional. To complement your photos, write descriptions that use popular hashtags and interesting language. By doing this you can grab the attention of users to gain new followers and encourage engagement with your pins. When they re-pin or comment on your pin, it can direct them to your company audience or share their activity with their followers to give your company/products more exposure. Although the main focus of using Pinterest in this way is to gain more exposure for your business, don’t overload your page with self-promotion. Show interest and support to other industry leaders and influencers in your field. Sharing content from others associated in your business realm gives more versatility to your account and can create partnerships and bonds with other companies.

Boards are another important factor in using Pinterest to promote your business. When arranging boards, put the most important towards the top and make sure that all cover photos used are intriguing. Make boards that showcase different aspects of your business in categories, and make them easy to find. When titling your boards be SEO friendly by using short and specific names as well as descriptions that include words consumers are likely to search. You’ll also want to turn off your Pinterest search privacy so that your account will come up in Google searches. It’s key to keep your Pinterest account updated like any other social media site; you don’t want to set it up and forget about it. Even if you set aside a mere 10 minutes a day to look for relevant pins or posting content from your own site it can help you.

Pinterest is a social media platform full of ideas and inspiration in many different fields. Aside from these uses, Pinterest can also be a key player in promoting your business by showcasing projects and products. Following these simple tips when setting up a Pinterest business account can make a world of difference and expand your company’s following and potential client base.

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