CEDIA Through New Eyes – Takeaways from the Show in a New Role

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I just got back from my eighth CEDIA – yikes it’s seems so much crazier once I see it in writing! – I attended the first seven shows as an exhibitor representing three manufacturer brands. But this year I attended the show as a public relations professional, representing seven of Caster’s clients. As the show approached, I felt a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Nervous of the new territory and ensuring that I represented Caster and our clients well, and excited to see the show with new eyes and to experience it in a completely different role.

So what were my takeaways from the show? Let me tell you…

  • It was refreshing to – for the first time – fly in the day before the show opened and leave the day the show closed. To not have to go through the blood, sweat and tears of setting up and tearing down multiple booths, and still have to have the energy for three long days of exhibit time in between.
  • It was comforting to see my old team, but a little sad to not have the opportunity to spend more time with them.
  • It was fun bouncing from booth to booth and having the opportunity to bond with our seven client teams and see and demo their unique products first hand.
  • It was eye-opening to have access to the entire show floor and actually have the opportunity to walk by all of the different exhibitor booths and to REALLY see all the various faucets of the industry.
  • It was energizing to experience the passion that everyone has for their products and the positive outlook for the future of the industry and economy as a whole.
  • And lastly, it was incredible spending the week with all of my favorite industry friends, plus old and new colleagues, which made me realize that no matter where you are in the custom electronics industry, it’s a good place to be.

What were your favorite things about CEDIA this year? Reach out to me on Twitter at @erinmktgpr


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