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Trying to outrun potential snowstorms and furiously burning USBs, the Caster team is in full prep and go-mode for CES 2017! Here’s the overview of the excitement, demos and announcements that’ll come this week:

Tonight Kangaroo will be at Pepcom at CES! Our team will be there to show the latest: Kangaroo Notebook. he new Kangaroo Notebook is a modular laptop PC designed to offer users extraordinary value in a versatile and personal mobile computing experience. Available as a packaged bundle, the Kangaroo Notebook pairs a lightweight laptop dock, with two interchangeable Kangaroo Mini PCs running Windows 10.  Whether you are a parent with young children looking for both a family PC and a personal PC or a user looking to keep information separate for different uses and want autonomy and storage for both, this mobile computing bundle provides two separate PC’s with their own storage, safety and security.

The Z-Wave Alliance will have a strong presence at the show, in both the Sands booth #41241 with the Z-Wave Experience Home, and in South Hall booth #20900 with the member pavilion. Follow them on Twitter at @ZWave_Alliance and @ZWave. The Experience Home is a built-house on the show floor showcasing four different rooms and smart home scenes running across Z-Wave Alliance member brand products. Run on the Nexia hub and app, the Home will feature a living room, kitchen, bedroom and outdoor area with connected devices such as thermostats, locks, lighting, smart water management and shade control. The Z-Wave Experience Home is the first-ever demo home showcasing multi-brand smart home functionality and do-it-yourself products all running on the interoperable Z-Wave IoT standard. Each room will include customized scenes based on real life use cases for smart home devices. The Nexia platform can also communicate with Amazon Echo, giving the house a smart home AI assistant.

Nortek Security & Control will be showcasing the recent addition of six new Z-Wave 500 Series lighting devices to the expanding line of GoControl smart home devices. The next generation of GoControl lighting devices make home lighting automation and control simpler and more reliable with access to new features including energy monitoring, extended range, and easy-to-configure local associations. Additional information on the new GoControl 500 Series lighting devices is available here and if you’re at the show, visit the Nortek Security & Control booth in the Sands (booth 41317). They’ll also have something else new at the show, so stay tuned and follow them on Twitter at @NortekControl.

You’ll also be able to see Fibaro’s new Apple HomeKit-compatible sensors: Flood Sensor, Motion Sensor, Door/Window Sensor. They’ll be in Sands booth 40333, follow them on Twitter at @FibaroUS.

Whether you’re at the show or watching the action from home, follow our show-floor team: @Newscaster, @AshleyDano, @AZmyslinski027, @CasterPete, @LauraShoebell, and us of course at @CasterComm.

Or catch everything in our CES 2017 Twitter Moment!

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