How B2B PR Can Save You From Drowning In The vast tech Media Ocean

posted on May 24th 2017 in Business & Pitching & PR & Strategy & Uncategorized with 0 Comments

In virtually every corner of technology there are a few tech giants dominating the media — Apple, Google, Uber, Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, Facebook, Cisco — you get the picture.

If you’ve got a technology brand trying to get heard above the noise the big guys are making, good luck.

Take a hot industry like machine learning, virtual reality, robotics or autonomous vehicles and 90 percent of what we watch, read and listen to is about what those top brands are doing. You’re just lucky if you’re included.

But you are a company building the actual technological aspects that will disrupt the market.

You’re the science inside that is going to allow this technology to emerge. Your [insert: device, algorithm, software, chip, camera, board] is going to make this tech ready for mass market and allow it to go mainstream.

You’re not selling to the consumer.

You’re not trying to get downloads or Amazon sales or features in Good Housekeeping.

Maybe you’re selling a chip or a computer vision algorithm to an automotive OEM or a game console manufacturer. The people driving that car or playing games with that console will never hear of you, and that’s ok.

So why do you need PR?

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