B2B versus B2C Storytelling

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Last week one of my Caster colleagues pointed out that something I wrote was for a B2B audience, when it should have been B2C. It was immediately obvious when I went back and read what I had written, and yet it hadn’t even occurred to me as I was putting the piece together. Most of my writing as of late has been for B2B audiences, so I suppose I got into a groove and forgot that there are major differences between the two styles.

And major differences there are! When writing content for B2B, you are likely speaking to a group of people, or a specific department. Company purchase decisions are almost always made by multiple people, not an individual, and thus can make for a longer decision process. Whereas when speaking directly to the customer, the decision and transaction is often made by one person and ultimately can occur much faster. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start drafting your next B2B or B2C piece.

  • Before you begin consider your audience. Are you speaking to a potential end user or a rather a specific department at a company who may purchase your (or your client’s) product(s)?
  • With B2B, it’s all about the facts. Start by researching statistics that support the point you are trying to make and use that data to help tell your story.
  • With B2C writing, forget the data and bring some personality into your story. End users want a product or company to be relatable. Give them real-life examples of how your product can make (or has made) a difference or improvement.
  • Digging deep and getting technical is almost always recommended when writing for a B2B audience. The more detail you give, the better.
  • On the contrary, technical writing is not always recommended for B2C. Instead content should be relevant and easy to digest. Sometimes you need to spell out the obvious as well – don’t assume that the every day consumer knows any industry jargon.

These are just a few tips to consider when you’re approaching your next piece of writing for your company or client. I’d love to hear any suggestions you have on B2B versus B2C storytelling. Reach out to me on Twitter @erinmktgpr.

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