Instagram vs. Snapchat Stories

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The battle of social media platforms is never ending. Back in 2012, Facebook saw major potential in Instagram and acquired it – a smart move on their part. Instagram now has over 700 million users and is still growing. Facebook has also had an eye on Snapchat for quite some time but in late 2013 Snapchat’s CEO turned down Facebook’s $3 billion acquisition offer.

Snapchat is loved for its ever-changing filters, photo and video sharing, with posts that disappear after a short viewing period. One of the most popular features on Snapchat is the Stories section, which allows users to string together several ‘Snaps’ to build out a story that disappears after 24 hours.

In 2016, Facebook played the ‘if you can’t join them, beat them’ card, and in an effort to compete with Snapchat, introduced Instagram Stories. The question is: is Instagram Stories just a copycat of Snapchat or does it offer superior features?

Quite honestly, both platforms have their pros and cons. Here’s a short list of how each one is winning in its own way:

  • If we are talking strictly user base and exposure, Instagram is winning with 700+ million users. (Snapchat has less than 200 million).
  • The constantly updated and ever-changing Snapchat filters are hands down better than the fairly standard Instagram filters.
  • With its connected Facebook friends list, Instagram makes it easier for you to find relevant followers, plus (unlike Snapchat), you can tag other users in your Instagram Stories.
  • One of the top used features on Snapchat is the geofilter, which gives users exclusive access to fun filters relevant to their geographic area, (city, festival, sporting event etc.) Snapchat also provides users the ability to create their own geofilters for special occasions (i.e. weddings or a corporate event).
  • Somewhat of a tie-breaker, Instagram Stories get more views but retention rates are higher on Snapchat.

It’s a tough battle between Snapchat and Instagram stories and only time will tell who the ultimate champion is. I have to be honest, I’m a creature of habit and because Snapchat Stories was available first, it’s my go-to. Do you prefer Instagram or Snapchat Stories? Reach out to let me know on Twitter @erinmktgpr.

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