Live Video Isn’t Just for Big Brands

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Social media platforms share trends. Twitter will show you what the most talked-about topics are each day, what’s trending. But the platforms themselves also carry trends for how we communicate, or how brands are connecting with their communities. Most recently the two big trends are stories (specifically for Snapchat and Instagram), and live video.

Facebook Live is used by the big brands, where social media managers or even hired influencers will broadcast live to showcase a new product, a behind-the-scenes preview, or an event. Shooting live video is surprisingly easy now especially with Facebook Live, where you can do it from almost any Facebook Page. Many may think that this social media tactic is only for the big players, but smaller companies can use it too to show their stuff and engage with their community.

Events are one of the easiest ways to do it because you already have some action to record, and basically just have to harness it with a a shot schedule or spokesperson to do a walk-through. You could also share a free training on Facebook Live, or an interview with your spokesperson on a pertinent topic. Just make sure that what you’re sharing will run smoothly, since it is live video.

A key component of setting up a successful Facebook Live session is by planning in advance. Live doesn’t mean spontaneous. You have to plan the pieces that will happen in the video, just as you would were it live TV. Also like television,  you have to let your audience know in advance that you’re “going live,” because many people might not be conveniently waiting on their phones and laptops on Facebook to see your video pop up.

How do you get them to tune in? Give them an idea of what they’re going to see in the video, and make sure to broadcast what time the live session will start. Plan the time a few weeks or months ahead, and let your community know what and when you’ll go live starting a few weeks in advance. If it’s for an event that they’d like to see, they may tune in to see it.

Once you go live, you can have your page send out a post and link a tweet that shares the link to let your followers know what you’re sharing a live video. After the live session is over, you can download the videos so you can re-post them so that anyone can watch them on your page. See how to do that step here on Social Media Examiner.

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