How to Find the Right Hashtags for Your Business

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In the world of social media for business, hashtags are like a secret weapon. Beyond publishing posts for all of your followers to see, hashtags allow you to reach a much larger audience that in turn can lead to increased brand exposure, engagement and followers. If you are using the right hashtags your business can become a thought leader in your given industry and beyond. Here are a few tips to help you do just that…

Use your network

First and foremost, investigate which hashtags those in your network are commonly using and responding to – are there specific hashtags that resonate and are used regularly in your industry? For example, in the AV world, #avnews and #avtweeps are extremely popular hashtags.

What are you talking about?

Think about the theme of your tweet or post and who would benefit from reading it. Are you talking about smart home products? Use the hashtag #smarthome. Are you referencing an event or tradeshow like say CEDIA? Make sure you include the right hashtag for that event (i.e. #CEDIA17).

Ride the ‘Trending on Twitter’ train

Leveraging trending hashtags on Twitter is a great way to get some extra eyes on your tweets as long as it’s relevant to what you’re talking about. Twitter provides the most accurate trending tweets and even offers “tailored trends” to each user based on where they are and who they follow. Often there are popular hashtags relevant to the day of the week that you can try such as #TBT (throwback Thursday), when people post something relevant to their business from a previous year or even decade.

Try a third-party app

Want to take a deeper dive into finding hashtags? Considered a third-party app. If you use Sprout Social for scheduling and reports (which we at Caster are fans of), try out their ‘Trends Report’ which analyzes all of your incoming messages and the most relevant hashtags for your personal brand. Tagdef (a sort of hashtag dictionary) is another app that lists popular hashtags by various timelines including: current, weekly and all-time. They also provide a definition for each hash tag to make sure you use it correctly. Another useful app is which offers a super easy hashtag search function for terms and topics you are looking to target.

There are many ways to find the right hashtags for your business. Ultimately it just takes a little bit of research, trial and attention to what’s relevant to your industry. What hashtags have you had the most success with? Reach out to me on Twitter @erinmktgpr to let me know.

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