Who is on Houzz?

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Who is on Houzz?

With the plethora of social media platforms filling up the internet, it can be hard to know which ones are worth joining. To keep your business current, competitive, and up to speed, it’s important to take advantage of the social media that’s most relevant for your industry.  Have you heard about Houzz? This unique application combines the connectivity of social media, the creativity of a portfolio, and the efficiency of a directory. How do you know if Houzz is worth your time and energy pursuing? To help determine if your business could benefit from Houzz, first, learn who uses Houzz and how they use it:

What is Houzz?

Houzz is a unique social media platform because it’s not just about creativity – it’ s about productivity. On Houzz, users not only find pictures to inspire their dream homes, they can also easily communicate with interior designers, architects, installers, and other home-improvement professionals to make these fantasy mood boards come to life.

Who uses Houzz?

The Houzz online community is comprised of over 25 million users, the majority of whom, according to OverGo Studio, are mostly female and are more well-educated than the average internet user – and the Houzz audience is a dedicated one. According to Alexa.com, the average user spends over four minutes on the Houzz application every day, and, in that time, visits about five pages. For a quick comparison, Pinterest, another social media platform where users can create and view digital mood boards, garners less than four minutes of daily activity from its users, each of whom visit less than three pages a day.

How do they use Houzz?

People use Houzz for two main reasons: to be inspired and, then, to turn these inspirations into reality. To do this, Houzz users create, view, and share Ideabooks.

An Ideabook is a collection of images; these images can be saved from any public account on the Houzz application. Users build their own, unique Ideabooks with images that inspire them when they are planning their home improvement projects or imagining their dream home. In each image, the products on display are identified with a green tag, listing the product’s details or information about whoever installed the product.

When navigating Houzz, users also visit the Discussion Forum, where they can pose questions about a specific product that they saw in a picture or about an industry topic, in general. Here, users interact with one another and with business owners to find solutions to their problems and to plan their next renovation project.

Should you use Houzz?

Now that you understand a little bit more what Houzz is like, think about whether or not it seems like a relevant match for your business.

Houzz is, as the name implies, all about houses. It’s about home improvements and renovation projects and, thus, any and all types of businesses that are involved in home design and installation. If your business fits into this category, consider adding Houzz to your social media arsenal.

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