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For small businesses and integrations professionals, PR can impact the company’s overall success and bottom line. Earned editorial coverage can build credibility and brand reputation while gaining the attention of crucial audiences, but requires identifying and reaching the right media with a compelling pitch. Take the time to develop your brand story, find compelling angles and ideas and pitch media who will find your news interesting.

Your business and company goals will determine your audience, target media outlet and pitch. Startups and Kickstarters will require a different approach than integrators and local businesses, but the overall process of research, developing a pitch and reaching out to the media will be the same. Here are some tips to get you started with successful pitching:

Know your audience

Before developing a pitch and reaching out to an editor, you must understand your audience. Knowing what your customers care about will help identify the relevant websites, magazines and newspapers that they read. Determining your audience and what publications they read will help you find the most effective publication. Know if the correct outlets are local or industry specific. Building a list of publications that matter to your audience will help you track who to reach out to.

Research the media

Once you’ve built a list of media outlets, it’s important to research each. Find out how they publish and how often, if they have specific editorial deadlines, and what angles or topics they cover. Print publications will have a longer lead time, so reaching out as early as possible is best. Research each beat to determine what editor would be the appropriate fit to pitch your story, and develop your pitch to be interesting and relevant to them.

Develop an interesting pitch

Announcements that are timely, relevant or significant, like new product announcements, company launches, events, special sales and staffing changes are likely to gain the attention of editors. If you are pitching one of these, be sure to include details and explain why the editor would be interested. If you have an announcement and you’ve drafted a press release, send the news along with your pitch. To introduce your company to a new editor or media publication, explain the brand story and what makes the company unique. Put time into developing your pitch and research how you will reach out. Some options include email pitching, reaching out through social media accounts, or inviting the media to an event.

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