Use Awards and Business Listings to Boost SEO and Customer Engagement

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Use Awards and Business Listings to Boost SEO and Customer Engagement

No matter the size of your business, improving SEO and customer engagement should always be a priority. Doing so could be easier than you think; some of the things you’re already doing can actually help you achieve these goals. Is your business winning awards? Does it have a presence in local business listings? These two factors can play a big role in helping your business’s SEO and customer engagement. Here’s how:

Business listings for SEO and customer engagement

Improving SEO isn’t easy; to see any kind of improvement, there are a lot of factors to consider, such as keyword research, content optimization, and backend optimization. One usually overlooked way to help your business’s SEO is local business listings management.

How does this end up making a difference for SEO? It has to do with your business’s Google algorithm score. When evaluating your business, the search engine will look at every place your business is listed online and use an algorithm to assign it a quality score; so, it’s important to do everything you can to help your business get the highest quality score possible. You can do this by appropriately managing your business’s online listings. Make sure they look the same everywhere and are clear and easily readable – be careful, because the algorithm is sensitive, and even a small typo will affect your quality score.

Checking for quality and consistency in your business’s listings is important to help your SEO, but you need to do more to win customer engagement. To get customers interacting with your business, take your listing information to social media. For example, with a Facebook account detailing all of your business’s information, you are now ready to open a dialogue between you and your customers via likes, posts, and comments – and doing so will help boost your search rank. When it comes to customer engagement, consistency is key, both for SEO and for your branding across social media.

Awards for SEO and customer engagement

The premier SEO goal is to stand out against your competition. An easy way to do this is with industry awards, which can help you and your business gain recognition and, in turn, new customers.

Has your business won any awards? If so, there are a couple of ways you can promote your achievements to improve your SEO. (And, if your business hasn’t won any awards – don’t worry. Find out how you can help your business win industry awards.) First, issue a press release; sometimes, the awards organizers will do this themselves, or they may give you a template to help you get started. You should also add the award badge or logo to your website. This creates a link to an external, reputable website (and, most likely, the award organizer’s website will link back to yours, too), which increases awareness and opportunities for social sharing, thus, improving SEO.

To help spark customer engagement with your business, bring these awards to social media. Facebook and Twitter are great places to display your business’s achievements and to start a conversation with your consumer base. You can also reach out to your customers to share your recent awards in email-marketing. To best attract customer engagement, your email should include a punchy call-to-action, inviting customers to leave a comment, visit your website, or go to your social media pages.

Strategically using your business’s local listings and industry awards can make major gains in improving SEO and customer engagement, and, in the end, attracting new leads.

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