Should My Company Be on Twitter?

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Should My Company Be on Twitter

Keeping up with the latest fads can be exhausting. But Twitter is not just a passing fad. Rather, it is a productive, useful tool that your company should be leveraging. If you haven’t already, it’s time you got your company active on Twitter. Here’s 5 reasons why:

  1. Educate your audience

Most obviously, Twitter is an ideal platform for reaching out to and connecting with your audience; this includes previous, current, and potential customers.

On Twitter, you can announce special promotions, upcoming events, and general news about your company. But remember: people won’t follow you just to be spammed with upcoming sales. To be a valuable resource with whom your audience will want to communicate, you must also fill your feed with helpful, informative pieces that serve to educate your followers.

  1. Hear what your customers are saying

When you communicate with your audience on Twitter, remember that it is a two-way channel: You should be listening as well as speaking. After all, this is how you truly engage with (and learn from) your customers.

For instance, if your customers pose questions or comments to you, listen carefully and respond. It can also be worthwhile to pay attention to what your customers are saying, not just to you, but to the larger Twitter community as a whole. What are they saying that they like and dislike? What can you learn that will help you to better accommodate them?

  1. Stay on top of your industry and trends

Twitter is a great tool to communicate, not just with your specific consumer base, but with your industry as a whole. Being active on Twitter helps your company to stay on top of important news and remain knowledgeable about what’s going on in your industry.

You can also take advantage of Twitter as a professional networking opportunity, as this platform is a great way to connect with industry professionals with whom you make work in the future.

  1. Define your brand

Twitter is a huge opportunity for you to define your company’s brand. With this social media platform, you can create a digital voice that will attract the niche market you may be looking for.

Moreover, simply by being active on Twitter, you are already helping your company to define itself as modern and forward-thinking. A lot of small business owners haven’t joined the social media game yet due to time or resource restraints; so, identifying yourself on Twitter will give your business an edge and help it stand out amongst competitors.

  1. Manage your reputation

Inevitably, people are going to try to learn more about your company on the internet–whether you put the information out there or not. Make sure you’re in control of your presence on the internet and representing your brand well. With Twitter, you have the power to create your company’s own digital message.

When it comes to managing your reputation, you can’t always control what other people are saying about your company, but you can control how you choose to respond. For example, if a customer posts a complaint about your product or service on Twitter, you should reach out to them, remedy the problem, and, hopefully, turn their perspective on your company around.

Social media is an integral part of creating and managing your company’s brand and reputation—and Twitter is no exception. Do you know your company needs to be on Twitter, but aren’t sure how to get started? Register for our online Master Class for PR and Social Media at Caster Academy.


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