How to Strengthen Media Relationships on Social Media

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How to Strengthen Media Relationships on Social Media

Most likely, you’re probably already leveraging social media for your business. (If you’re not, it’s time! See why your company should be on social.) But have you been getting the results you want? Have you been building and strengthening new relationships?

Here are 7 ways to strengthen media relationships on social media:

  1. Actively engage

When it comes to social media, one of the most important rule to remember is that it’s not all about you. Rather, social media should be an interactive, two-way channel where you truly engage with other people.

To do this, we recommend not pushing promotional messages for your business all the time. Instead, initiate and contribute to on-going conversations. Favorite or like when people share their photos or ideas. Respond when someone mentions you in their conversations. And comment on content relevant to your industry—even when you’re not mentioned specifically.

  1. Share relevant content

To strengthen media relationships, it’s important to build trust among your customers. In fact, according to Cohn & Wolfe’s Authentic Brands Report, 91% of consumers value honesty about products and services.

One way to establish trust is to become a reliable source of valuable information for them. When you share news, updates, and tips, make sure it’s information that’s truly helpful and useful to your audience.

  1. Find out what your audience is interested in

To share relevant content, you have to be in touch with your audience: What are their needs? What are they interested in? What do they want to know?

To start learning about your audience, take a look at their general demographics, such as age, profession, location, etc. (You can usually find this information on the social media platforms’ analytics dashboard.)

By truly understanding your audience and what they’re interested in, you can better connect with them and build a stronger relationships.

  1. Respond quickly

On social media, it’s not just about engaging—it’s about engaging in a timely fashion. If someone reaches out with a question or comment about your business’s product or service, don’t wait days to respond.

Sprout’s Q2 2016 Index shows that “although customers expect a response from brands on social in under four hours, most companies average a ten-hour response time.”

Get ahead of the competition! Prove to your audience that you’re listening, and respond to them as soon as possible.

  1. Be proactive, not reactive

Even when businesses are being interactive on social media, they usually wait for the customer to make the first move. While liking or responding to a comment in which you’re mentioned is always a good idea, show your audience that you really care by reaching out to them first.

Share a piece of relevant content with them, or simply say hello. Believe it or not, small, quick interactions like this can have a big impact on strengthening your media relationships.

  1. Be human

When you’re communicating with your audience, remember that this is not just two accounts pinging each other with notifications—these are people.

To truly connect with your followers and establish a real relationship with them, show them your brand’s personality. Remind them that you are not a cold corporation that only sees customers as dollar signs.

Because social media is almost all in writing, your brand’s personality is best expressed through your tone. And you don’t have to be too casual or humorous if you don’t want to—that’s not for every brand. Instead, fine a unique style and voice that suits your business and shows your audience who you really are.

  1. Exceed expectations

Perhaps the most lasting way to strengthen your media relationship is to surprise and delight.

Liking and responding to customers’ comments is certainly worthwhile and you should definitely be doing it—but it’s also kind of expected. To truly stand out to your audience, go out of your way every now and then to surprise and delight them.

For example, has a customer mentioned on social media that they weren’t happy with your product? Instead of contacting them with your usual social media protocol, try surprising them by sending new products free of charge.

A customer will definitely remember something like this—more than just a like or a follow—a will feel more connected to you as a result.

Social media is a great way to strengthen your media relationships online.

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