Caster Academy Quick Sessions at ISE 2018

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Caster Academy Quick Sessions at ISE 2018

Headed to the Netherlands for ISE 2018? While you’re checking out the latest AV systems and products (including from our clients Avnu, Control4, InFocus, and Z-Wave), take advantage of this moment to fine tune your PR and social media skills with a class from our Ashley Daigneault. Specially curated for AV installers, our classes will show you how to take control of your PR program to promote and grow your business.

Here’s the line-up:

DIY PR for Installers

A carefully orchestrated PR program can bring a big boon to your business by building media exposure, developing company credibility, and building a funnel for leads. Plus, running your own PR program will help you save money.

With this class from Caster, you will learn best practices (specific for dealers) to develop, implement, and manage your own internal PR program. Through easy-to-learn and low-time-investment activities, you will discover the essential PR tools your business needs, including: the art of the press release; how to write award submissions; how to create content; how to build target media lists. Then, you’ll learn how to leverage this content for media opportunities to market your business.

If you’re unsure how PR can play a role in your installation business or if you’re unsure how to get started with designing and executing your own PR program, this class is the PR crash-course you need to master the basics.

The Power of Case Studies

Case studies are an infinitely valuable tool for any kind of business—particularly for installers. When done right, case studies can help you win new business, add content for social media, and discover press opportunities to grow your brand.

To help you harness the power of case studies, our class teaches you how to get all the materials needed for a case study (equipment list, customer approval, photos, customers quotes, etc.); how to write a case study; and how to leverage a case study after completion. We’ll walk you through each of the steps, from setting up the framework (introduction, problem, solution, results), to learning how to work with the customer for consent, to promoting your business through social media and marketing programs.

If you’re intimidated by case studies, then this is the PR class for you. At ISE, our Caster team will break down the basics, so you can use case studies to grow your installation business.

Social Media for Installers – Facebook

You may be on social media already, but are you wondering how to use it to promote your installation business? With Caster’s “What You Need to Know” class, you’ll learn the why, how, when, what, audience, and metrics of an organic Facebook social media program. This high-level overview of Facebook will teach installers how to use the platform to their advantage—better, faster, and easer.

You’ll learn the best practices for implementing and improving Facebook social media programs and building, engaging, and leveraging your social media community. Plus, with a customized “Facebook for AV Installers” workbook that you can take back to your office and use to practice on your own, this Caster class delivers the ins-and-outs of Facebook in just 20 minutes.

If you need to streamline your Facebook efforts to better promote your installation business, come to this Caster class at ISE on Tuesday, February 6.

Heading to ISE and looking to brush up on your social media skills? Sign up for a class with Caster and connect with @CasterComm to learn more.

Not going to the show? Take courses on your own time online with Caster Academy.



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