Wrapping up My Last Semester of College with Caster

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My last few years as a public relations and communication studies student at the University of Rhode Island have been filled with opportunity, growth, and change. Since beginning college, I have lived in another country, moved eight times, worked a full-time job, had two internships, and started building my professional network. Thinking back to the end of sophomore year, like many students, I was unsure of myself and had trouble narrowing down my interests into one or two majors. All I knew for certain was that I wanted to become a leader in whatever field I chose.

Luckily, I had an advisor who took one look at my list of interests and told me to check out public relations. He said that it was a major with a lot of flexibility and potential for leadership, which was enough to convince me. So far, I’ve been exposed to real-world opportunities, learned from professional’s lectures, and had my first internship in marketing at Schneider Electric. I focused mostly on internal communications, and after many months at Schneider, I knew that my next move had to be into a PR agency.

I was beyond excited to find that Caster had open internship positions for the spring. When transitioning into a new company, it’s usually confusing and nerve-wracking — but Caster’s training has been straightforward and easy to grasp. Since starting here, I’ve already helped with many projects involving social media monitoring, media list building, editorial calendars, and coverage report clipping. I’ve watched video modules about basic PR practices such as pitching and social media building through Caster Academy. During these lessons, I learned which features and audience apply best to each platform and how to capitalize on them through strategic media communications.

The projects I’ve been working on are mostly for smart home and IoT clients including abode, Z-Wave Alliance, Smart Kitchen Summit, Evertron, as well as a Belizean travel destination, Turneffe Island Resort. Smart home tech is the future and I’m excited to enter the field at a time where it dominates the headlines. As for our luxury resort client, it’s easy to relate to with my experience from studying abroad in Australia, scuba-diving and snorkeling.

So far, my favorite project has been creating a list of chef endorsement opportunities for the launch of our client, Evertron. As part of my research, I got to internet stalk up-and-coming celebrity chefs and drool over their famous dishes – which isn’t something that most interns can say they’ve done.

In moving forward with this internship, I’m most excited to develop strong pitching skills and gain more confidence in my professional writing, especially for social media posts. Follow my journey into the world of PR at Caster on twitter! @rhiannonhwilson

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