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Considering Instagram Takeovers? Here’s What We’ve Learned starting them at Caster

Your employees are a great resource for growing your social media presence and increasing engagement, but a lot of companies are afraid to incorporate them into official messaging. There are risks to giving employees the reins on social, but the potential benefits are huge: you get to show off your organization’s personality, build credibility and […]

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What Running a Half Marathon and PR Have in Common

Spoiler alert: It’s more than you might think. On May 2, 2021, I laced up my sneakers and headed to the starting line of my first half-marathon and official, timed, in-person race: The Providence Marathon. As I was standing in the corral, I thought a lot about how far I’d come. Just a few years […]

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A Crash Course on Constructive Criticism

My managers at my first job gaslit me into believing I couldn’t take criticism. Five months of nitpicking led to anxiety attacks and daydreams of working literally anywhere. Once I found my place with the Caster Crew, I learned not only to embrace feedback, but to seek it. Learning the difference between nitpicking and honest, […]

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Tech PR Tunes

How Your Morning Music Choices Can Fire You Up For A Busy Day Of PR   Commuting to work can be a drag, especially if there aren’t any good songs on the radio. Psychologically, music is much more than just entertainment. Music can promote relaxation, boost energy, and even improve memory. Listening to upbeat music […]

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My Favorite Part of Being a PR Pro

At this point in my PR career, I have been asked, “So, what’s your favorite part about working in public relations?” plenty of times, and my answer to this day remains the same. Put simply, the fact that there is always something new to try coupled with the fact that no two days spent doing […]

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