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Caster is headed to CES 2023, and we hope to see you at the show!

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Z-Wave Alliance

Venetian Expo, Booth 52908

The standards development organization advancing the popular Z-Wave smart home protocol will share and demo exciting new smart home devices from industry leading brands and member companies that represent the full spectrum of smart home solutions.

Exciting announcements regarding the future of Z-Wave technology, including conversations around bridging to new initiatives such as Matter and discussions on the growth of Z-Wave, will also be in place for the show. Get in touch today to receive news in advance of the show.


Venetian Expo Toscana Suites 3805

Knowles returns to CES 2023 with an all-new spread of innovations for audio and voice applications. After a landmark year for true wireless stereo (TWS) and in response to the rising demand for high-resolution audio, Knowles will showcase live demos of its recently released KN2 reference design.

The KN2 hybrid driver design is the first TWS earbud tuned to the Knowles Preferred Listening Response Curve to deliver the best possible music listening experience. Demonstrations for technology innovations with voice-as-a-user-interface in smart appliances as well as advancements in audio capture technology with Knowles MEMs microphones will be available in the Knowles suite.


LVCC, Booth 10728

WePower Technologies, a producer of energy harvesting generators (EHGs), enters the market with three EHGs debuting at CES 2023. WePower has pioneered kinetic energy harvesting technology that uses permanent magnets for field shaping and concentration to harvest power from motion.

WePower’s patented technology, Gemns, eliminates wasteful batteries and delivers sustainable energy to enable large-scale deployment of IoT sensors and devices. Gemns EHGs provide energy on demand for IoT sensors in industrial, automotive, smart home, smart city, and aerospace applications, reducing the costs associated with integration, recurring maintenance, wiring, and batteries.

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