At Caster, we work hard to promote our clients and their unique products and services. More often than not our clients initiate major projects that require Caster’s methodical planning and expertise. This can be anything from organizing a major event, breaking through the social noise, launching a product, category or even a whole new brand. Whatever it is, Caster is always up for the challenge. Below are some of Caster’s recent project wins that we’re proud to share.

Our Case Studies

Z-Wave - Building A Thought Leader in Smart Home

Though the Z-Wave Alliance is a widely-used standard across the smart home industry, the brand image faced stagnation and wanted to move into a thought leadership position. Z-Wave needed a refresh and a new communications approach to position them as a highly relevant and forward thinking player in the rapidly growing and competitive smart home industry…

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Smart Kitchen Summit – Cooking Up a Brand From Scratch

The Smart Kitchen Summit is the first event of its kind to bring together leaders and influencers in food, tech, commerce, design, delivery and appliances to discuss the future of food, cooking and the kitchen. In its first year, the SKS team came to Caster to help craft the event’s branding, support PR and media outreach, create and grow social media channels. The Smart Kitchen Summit has become a premiere destination for executives across food & tech and has grown over 2.5x in attendance, press, reach and influence…

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Bringing Mondopad into Different Verticals

InFocus has a diverse line of collaboration products with applications for enterprise, government, and education markets. With the launch of Mondopad Ultra, InFocus was looking to stand out against the competition, and elevate Mondopad as the leader in high-performance all-in-one collaboration technology across the different verticals…

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Fibaro Goes Mainstream

European smart home device manufacturer, Fibaro, ventured into new territory, developing a line of sensors compatible with Apple’s smart home ecosystem known as HomeKit. Fibaro challenged Caster to successfully launch the new products in the US and create brand awareness in a market they had yet to penetrate. The HomeKit device introduction was one of the biggest product launches for Fibaro in the US market and timing was not ideal – right in the middle of the holiday season…

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Thought Leadership Brings New Business

Hospitality integration firm Mode:Green has a great repertoire, with successful projects including the Baccarat, Four Seasons Chicago, 1 Hotel, and even NASA. They started working with Caster to help establish their thought leadership in the hospitality industry to become better-known among hotel managers and develop new business leads.

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Launching a New Category of Mobile PC

InFocus came to Caster to launch the brand new line of Kangaroo mobile computing solutions that introduced the market to a new category of modular, mobile PCs. Kangaroo was an unknown product in a crowded PC market, so the partnership between Caster and Kangaroo aimed to create awareness of the new PC through media coverage, product reviews, social media and digital marketing without any advertising or other marketing spend…

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Establishing Credibility As An Ingredient Brand

UniKey partnered with the largest lock manufacturer in the U.S. to create the Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth residential smart lock, which received notable coverage and many awards. But as the ingredient brand inside the lock, more than not Unikey was left out of the message. UniKey found it increasingly difficult to get its name into the market and influence the press for a path towards more licensing partnerships. They turned to Caster to find a way to establish credibility and promote its unique security technology differentiators…

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BeON Launches Direct to Consumer

Caster was initially brought on to help BeON launch into the home security channel and gain awareness and credibility with security dealers before product availability. BeON had such success with security dealers that they decided to launch the product direct to consumers – sold through the website. The challenge was to get brand awareness for a new product, in a new category with consumers by relying only on social media and PR and without any advertising. BeON also was struggling to communicate its core value proposition to consumers and press because although it was a set of smart light bulbs, the product differentiator, features and benefit was nothing like that of other smart bulbs. It was all about security and BeON needed to be comparative to security products instead of smart bulbs.

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