Former Large-Scale Utility CEO Gary Hoogeveen Joins Torus Board

SOUTH SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – April 29, 2024 – Torus Inc. announced the appointment of Gary Hoogeveen, an esteemed leader in the energy market and the former CEO of large-scale energy provider Rocky Mountain Power, to its board of advisors.

For over 20 years, Hoogeveen has played pivotal roles at Berkshire Hathaway Energy companies. Most recently, he was named President of Berkshire’s Pilot Energy, a prominent supplier of fuel, renewables, and biodiesel in North America, where he also leads the ongoing development and innovation of alternative energy solutions.

Hoogeveen brings critical knowledge of energy infrastructure, strategic vision, and specialty expertise in modern energy solutions to Torus.

“The U.S. electrical grid stands at a critical juncture, dealing with several major growing pains such as increased demands for power and escalating infrastructure complexity, which put cost pressures on utilities. We’re also confronting significant cyber threats from abroad, which threaten the security and reliability of the grid. Distributed energy sources will play an important role in addressing these issues, and harnessing innovative, American-made technologies like Torus that work together with utilities is the ideal solution. I am thrilled to join the Torus Board of Advisors as they drive toward this essential mission,” said Hoogeveen.

Torus is at the forefront of democratizing energy, making renewable options accessible, and enabling a smarter, more adaptive grid. Its solutions are designed to efficiently meet fluctuating energy demands while minimizing reliance on pollutive sources.

“The company’s approach is vital for reducing energy waste and improving the sustainability of energy infrastructures. I look forward to contributing to its mission of empowering communities and revolutionizing our energy infrastructure for a sustainable future,” added Hoogeveen.

“Adding Gary to our board gives Torus a major strategic advantage,” said Nate Walkingshaw, Torus CEO and co-founder. “Gary’s direct experience in the power utility market will be invaluable as we build robust partnerships with utilities, advance grid resiliency, and empower communities with sustainable, localized energy sources. With Gary’s guidance and our collaborative efforts, we can reduce energy transmission losses and significantly expand renewable energy projects.”

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