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abode Adds New 1080P Streaming Camera, Door Sensors + Expands Thermostat and Lighting Compatibility

Top-rated DIY home security system now includes full support for Nest and ecobee thermostats and smart RGB lighting integration with LifX and Philips Hue

Palo Alto, CA – October 12, 2017 – abode Systems, a leader in DIY smart home security, announces several new abode certified devices and advances smart thermostat functionality for the ecobee and Nest smart thermostats. These new devices join a growing list of supported smart home devices that enable abode users to build their smart home their way. These integrations are live today and accessible through the abode web or mobile app.

New Hardware

New to the abode lineup, the 1080P streaming camera is now available. Providing live video and connection to a customer’s network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, the camera will automatically upload video clips to your timeline when an alarm occurs and includes two-way voice communication. Additionally, the streaming camera can be integrated into abode home automations to record clips when events occur and integrated IR LEDs provide night vision in low light conditions.

In addition to the streaming camera, the following devices have been added to the list of supported smart home devices users can integrate directly into their abode system:

  • abode mini door / window sensor – one of the smallest door sensors on the market.
  • abode recessed door sensor – easily installed within a doorframe for invisible installation.
  • abode slim door sensor – easily installed within a door or window jam and offers another option for invisible installation without the need to drill.

A number of Z-Wave devices are now supported, adding to the dozens already available:

  • Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 6 (Model #ZW112-A)
  • Aeotec Smart Dimmer 6 (Model #ZW099-A02)
  • FortrezZ Z-Wave Water Valve (Model #WV01)
  • Sensative Invisible Door/Window Strips (Model #1101012)
  • ZooZ Z-Wave Valve Controller (Model #ZAC03)

New Integrations – Deeper Nest and New ecobee Support, smart RGB lighting

The new smart thermostat integrations will allow users to adjust and monitor the temperature in real-time and create temperature thresholds right from their mobile app. Users will also be able to create more complex quick actions and home automations from the abode web portal for the Nest thermostats and ecobee thermostats. Home automations involving the ecobee or Nest thermostats can be set to change depending on system status, location of a mobile device associated with the system, or on a schedule. Users can create heating and cooling rules that adhere to a schedule or use geofencing to adjust the home temperature as family members come and go.

“The abode system already features deep integration with the Nest thermostat but with this release, abode customers can dive even deeper into access and control of the temperature of their home,” said abode cofounder, Christopher Carney. “Couple that with our newest ability to offer the same level of integration with ecobee and we’re opening up the abode system to an all-new group of customers.”

For enhanced smart lighting, abode is adding RGB light bulb support for LifX and Philips Hue. The abode app will give customers power over the brightness, hue, and saturation for all RGB lighting from those brands. Users can also create and modify quick actions and automations that include the smart lights from LifX and Hue. For example, customers can create a home automation that turns a specific RGB lightbulb red when the system is armed or green when the system is set to home mode to provide quick visual confirmation on the system status. When used in conjunction with other supported devices, like the water sensor, more complex notifications can be created that turn the integrated RGB lightbulbs blue when there’s a leak to provide visual notification of a leak or water damage. Abode’s RGB lighting integrations will be available at the end of October.

The abode Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill will also now support voice control of the RGB smart lighting devices from LifX and Philips so Alexa can control the lighting in any room via simple commands.

Additional information is available via the integrations page of the abode web portal here:

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