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Control4 Smart Homes Are Delivered by Pros, not Santa

No more asking who’s going to install all of those holiday electronics. Homeowners can choose from Control4’s huge third-party ecosystem to get their season underway.

Salt Lake City, UT – December 5, 2017 Control4 Corporation (NASDAQ: CTRL), a leading global provider of smart home solutions, boasts a huge smart home ecosystem with nearly 11,000 third-party devices including over 2,900 SDDP-enabled products such as the latest 4K HDTVs from Samsung which bring plug and play installation into Control4® systems. This holiday season, homeowners can reach out to any of the 5,500 Control4 authorized dealers who can seamlessly integrate the latest in consumer electronics just in time for the holidays.

On average, Control4 customers have over 40 connected devices in their homes that are orchestrated by Control4. Whether they want to control the home on a touchscreen, keypad, mobile device, or with voice control using Amazon Alexa, which is now also available in Canada  as well as the U.S. and the UK, Control4 offers the most convenient and intuitive way to control a multitude of smart home scenes for the holidays or any other time of year. With the Control4 skill for Amazon Alexa, a “Holiday” scene dims the lights throughout the house, turns on a holiday playlist, lights the gas fireplace, and puts those animatronics in motion all with a single “Alexa, turn on holiday” voice command. For those who are not in the holiday spirit, a verbal “Alexa, turn off the house” can shut down the house by turning off all of the lights, lowering the thermostat, locking the doors, closing the garage, lowering shades, and arming the security system.

With so many devices in the Control4 third-party ecosystem, whether new or legacy, through drivers or SDDP, homeowners have the choice to have their systems designed for the way they live and ready for the new tech that tends to enter the home every holiday season. Consumers flock for a new TV, gaming system, or smart garage door opener but are frustrated when those devices don’t work with the disparate DIY smart home products that currently proliferate the market. This dilemma is easily solved in two ways: (1) Control4 has a vast independent authorized dealer network that designs, supports and services Control4 devices along with these popular products that homeowners enjoy, and (2) Control4 systems can begin with single room control for under $1,000 yet offer the ability to scale – in both number of connected devices and rooms — over time. Control4 makes the home automation experience comfortable and hassle-free, all while offering more of what homeowners want including the hottest streaming services like Spotify and Tidal, Alexa voice control, doorbell station with intercom, and user personalization.

Control4 When >> Then Automation is a new way to increase personalization by allowing homeowners to tweak actions and events in their Control4 homes directly. The web interface is intuitive, and easy to follow; customers subscribing to the Control4 4Sight Service ($100 annually) and have OS 2.10 installed can easily access When >> Then on From the account, select a When (on a schedule, with a touch of a button, or after an event occurs), and a Then action to take place (turn on a light, start a playlist or send a push notification). For example, with When >> Then, homeowners can set a holiday scene that When the Christmas tree turns on, Then the overhead lights turn off. These nuanced tweaks allow homeowners to personalize their home and create special scenes or actions whenever they choose without having to reach out to a dealer every time.

The Control4® Smart Home Skill for Amazon Alexa is available today in Canada and continues to provide homeowners with the convenience of whole-home automation through simple and intuitive voice commands that can activate smart home scenes and control individual devices.

For more information about Control4 or to find a local dealer visit For photos of Control4 holiday scenes, go here.

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