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Meet Milo: First Combination Smart Speaker and Home Hub with Z-Wave Plus and the Google Assistant

The all-in-one smart home speaker delivers streaming entertainment plus voice control of connected devices.

Las Vegas, NV – CES 2018 Sands Booth #41717 — January 8, 2018 5:00 PM PT — The Milo Smart Home Speaker (Milo) by Hogar Controls is the first-ever combination smart speaker and home hub to include support for Z-Wave Plus and adds multi-platform access for Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. Milo’s integrated smart hub feature also works with the Google Assistant, so you can ask questions, control devices throughout your home, stream music and more.

A sleek and sexy design with on-board one-touch scene control and a smart home mobile app, Milo is an all-in-one solution for connecting you with what matters in your world. Milo leverages the popular Z-Wave ecosystem for control of smart home devices including lights, shades, locks, thermostats, garage door openers, and more; Milo also works with the Google Assistant, so it can stream music, news, weather, and so much more. Milo can be both a hands-free speaker or one-touch controller of your favorite scenes.

Smart speakers have exploded in growth over the past few years and led to a new wave of consumers discovering the power and convenience of a smart home. Consumers want easy access to their technology, using a combination of physical control, mobile app monitoring and voice commands to interact with their smart devices. Milo represents a complete shift in the design of smart home technology; before Milo, users would need to buy a smart home hub, a smart speaker and external controller devices to create the same level of convenience in the home. Milo solves this by being an all-in-one device with Z-Wave Plus hub functionality that works with the Google Assistant for voice control and streaming, and on-board one-touch scene control built into the glass top.

With premium audio technology, compact industrial design and an integrated smart home hub, Milo is a complete voice-powered entertainment and smart home solution, right out of the box.

Features (short version)

  • Smart speaker with built-in Z-Wave Hub featuring onboard touch controller and works with the Google Assistant
  • Connectivity: Z-Wave Plus, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
    • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
    • Z-Wave Plus – featuring latest Z-Wave Security S2 framework and ability to connect hundreds of devices
    • Zigbee 1.2Ha – connect with popular Zigbee devices
    • Bluetooth 4.0 – audio streaming
  • Integrated 3 microphone array for superior far field hands-free use voice recognition
  • Integrated amplified high excursion speaker with 2″ driver + dual 2″ passive radiators to deliver clear highs and deep bass
  • Controls hundreds of smart home devices through cloud to cloud integration within a home
  • Glass top with back lit one-touch scene control buttons and volume slider
  • Mic mute and unmute, configuration button
  • Wakeup, sleep LED indicators
  • Lux Sensors on top of device for triggering different scenes
  • Rolled with fabric, with aluminum brim and black touch glass – available in light gray and black, other colors to come
    • DC 12V Powered
    • Compact 3.94” height x 3.35” width
    • Light weight – less than 450g/1lb
  • Includes all-in-one mobile app for control of locks, lights, sensors, thermostats, music and more

Milo by Hogar Controls will be available in Q1 2018 for US MSRP $149 with a one-year warranty.

For more information on Hogar Controls visit

Hogar Controls®

Founded in 2015, Hogar Controls is a global design-first smart home and building automation company delivering powerful solutions for residential, hospitality and commercial markets. In 2018, Hogar Controls launched in the U.S. with the Milo Smart Home Speaker – the first-ever combination smart home speaker and home hub to include both Google Assistant voice functionality as well as support for Z-Wave Plus devices. Hogar’s full line of sleek, modern smart products offer homeowners, retailers and professional integrators stylish solutions that afford user-friendly control and a wide ecosystem of product choice to allow individuals to connect what matters most. Visit for the full line.

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