Alexandra Gil

senior account executive

Alex Gil joined the Caster Communications team in April 2016. A transplant from Falls Church, VA, Alex joined Caster after a couple of years at the RI start-up Swipely (now Upserve) and ICF International where she continued daily operations as well as social, writing, marketing and promotions. As with any start-up, Alex has learned the value of wearing many hats, and in all sizes, which makes her a juggler extraordinaire. With a love for writing, branding and social media, Alex also has a unique ability to understand and translate tech talk from engineer to layman, which delivers real results to Caster’s clients. Alex works on the agency’s alliance and standards accounts, heavily focused on residential and commercial client applications, as well as the consumer-facing where she develops content and social strategy, and Smart Kitchen Summit, where she works on event marketing, management and PR. Alex has also worked with several startups since beginning with Caster, helping develop media and brand strategy, product launches and more.Alex holds a BA in Communications/Public Relations from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Follow her on Twitter.

Alex moved to Rhode Island in 2014 from her hometown of Falls Church, Virginia. A self-described foodie, she enjoys checking out new restaurants around New England with her husband. Alex believes that a good dessert can cure anythingbefore going back to school, she worked as a pastry chef for several DC area bakeries and hotels.

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