Meredith Shubel

Account Coordinator/Technical Writer

Meredith joined the Caster team after a year-long internship with the agency, during which time she graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing & Rhetoric, Communication Studies, and French. Before writing for Caster, Meredith spent a year as Content Writer Intern at digital marketing agency Trailblaze Marketing, where she wrote B2B and B2C blogs on topics ranging from healthcare to food to IT security. At Caster, Meredith continues to exercise her blog writing skills, coupled with new social media responsibilities, for She also works on AdaSky, The Khronos Group, and Mode:Green, among other accounts. A self-described grammar fanatic and avid proponent of the Oxford comma, Meredith’s precision and attention to detail make her one of Caster’s go-to writers for proofing and editing. Follow her on Twitter.

Meredith’s proud to be a native of the country’s smallest state, but she’s always on the lookout for a good travel adventure. She speaks French, knows a little Spanish, and is currently trying to wrap her head around the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. When she’s not at her favorite café writing or reading, Meredith enjoys studying history and playing the piano and guitar.


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