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Knowledge is Power, But Beware the Jargon: Tips for Writing for Any Industry

Gaining detailed knowledge of a new subject can be challenging. Such is the constant quest of a PR professional, especially those of us in tech PR, who keep up with evolving and emerging trends and absorb news to create storylines and write content.

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You’ve Secured a Product Review — Now What?

In a previous Caster Communications team blog post, Megan gave some great advice on pitching and landing the right product reviewer for your client, but once you’ve secured the right person/product combo — now what? As Megan pointed out “97% of consumers today depend on reviews to make informed purchase decisions“, proving just how important […]

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Digitization of Industries & its Impact on PR

There is an increasing digital urgency across many industries to adopt new technology that will drive innovation and disruption. Digital transformation enables unparalleled opportunities for value creation. It used to take Fortune 500 companies an average of 20 years to reach a billion dollar valuation; today, digital start-ups can get there in just four years. […]

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