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Onboarding with a PR Agency: 4 Step Process

So you’ve decided to hire a PR agency – what should the onboarding process look like? In this blog, I’ll talk about what it’s like to start a PR engagement and the four key components of the onboarding process that set the foundation for success. PR is not a tap that can be turned on […]

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Comma Chameleon

PR pros do a lot of writing and editing. If we’re not careful, we can wind up getting pretty high on our own supply in the process. We develop deeply ingrained preferences for our own habits, viewing stylistic differences as errors, corrections as affronts, and rewrites as assaults on our souls. Reader, I have not […]

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Do you want your dream job or your dream lifestyle?

Did you graduate from college with a “dream job” in mind?  I know I didn’t – I graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration, work experience from a myriad of internships, and no idea what to do with my life after I took my last college final. My generation feels an immense amount of pressure […]

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Prep Like a Pro for CEDIA Expo

We’re experiencing the same level of disbelief as you are. It’s only the beginning of August and the countdown to our industry’s next biggest tradeshow, CEDIA Expo, has already begun. You may be asking yourself: Where did the summer go? How do I best prepare my company for the upcoming show? For that first question, […]

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Why One-Off PR isn’t Effective

When I talk to people about public relations, occasionally I get Veruca Salt vibes. Do you remember the little girl from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory who obstinately declared: “Don’t care how, I want it now!”? This is how I feel about one-off public relations in place of what should be a carefully crafted, long-term […]

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