AlarMax: A Strategic Surge in Social Growth

2000% increase

in reactions

Ranked #2 

in total engagements



Campaign Highlights

  • AlarMax LinkedIn page reactions increased by over 2,000 percent in 2 months
  • AlarMax LinkedIn page was ranked #2 in total engagements for December compared to its industry competitors
  • AlarMax LinkedIn page gained 123 loyal and engaged followers in 2 months


Caster began to develop the new social strategy by performing a social media audit. The findings served as a guide to inform a new cadence frequency based on performance history, campaign topics, and target audiences. Caster also evaluated how the new cadence would support news announcements and prioritize proactive brand leadership. To ensure consistency, Caster established a process to approve and publish drafts with oversight from the PR team.

Next, Caster created a calendar serving as a month-over-month planning guide for the new cadence, highlighting the opportune dates, times and topics to share based on the performance analysis. After identifying core topics that AlarMax wanted to highlight on their LinkedIn page, Caster created engaging campaigns to engage, educate and excite the company’s audience. Spotlights on AlarMax executives, branch managers, and vendor partners, as well as news announcements, thought leadership articles and training event promotions quickly filled the calendar.

To draft LinkedIn posts for the AlarMax page effectively, Caster worked closely with AlarMax executives to develop core messaging that encapsulates the brand’s background, mission, vision, voice, and target audience. Caster embodied the voice of the company and portrayed its mission of fostering relationships with its customers by delivering exceptional products and services in each draft while tailoring content to the page’s audience of contractors, dealers, and installers. In addition to including relevant hashtags in each post, Caster prioritized engagement by tagging applicable individual and company accounts. This tactic would increase visibility for current followers while also reaching potential new followers. Caster also incorporated lead-gen strategies through calls to action that fueled link clicks to content on the AlarMax website.

To ensure continuity and consistency, Caster established a routine involving drafting posts and campaigns in monthly batches and sharing the content calendar with AlarMax executives in advance, giving them time to review and provide feedback and Caster time to edit and receive approvals while remaining on schedule. This workflow also enables Caster to continuously evaluate the cadence, reserve algorithm space for organic engagement, and identify engagement trends and patterns to inform upcoming campaign strategies.


Reactions: 1,069


Reposts: 12


Unique Visitors: 392


Page Views: 993


Total Organic Impressions


In just two months, Caster’s work on the AlarMax LinkedIn page achieved incredible results, increasing total post reactions by over 2,000 percent, reposts by 100 percent, and followers by 123 profiles. Validating Caster’s time investment in brand voice and value-based positioning, a post announcing longtime AlarMax veteran Randy Hall as the new company president smashed records, garnering over 350 unique impressions and a remarkably positive reception across the AlarMax community. The follow-up posts on the news also received strong attention, reaching nearly 100 unique engagements.

AlarMax was ranked #2 in total engagements (clicks, reactions, comments, and shares) for December compared to its industry competitors, boasting 1,130 engagements from just 13 posts. This is an extraordinary achievement for a new LinkedIn page being compared to pages that have been established for years.

With a targeted brand strategy and solid cadence, Caster continues to bolster AlarMax’s LinkedIn presence and elevate the qualities that position the distributor among the best in the business.