Social Media

so·cial /sōSHəl/noun: means of connecting and meeting other people.

There is no such thing as a business that doesn’t need social media. Like any organization, your goal is probably to connect with your existing stakeholders and bring new people to the table. Whether you’re a B2C, B2B or B2B2C (our favorite) – the people you want to influence are there. Consider this: there are currently over 7 billion people alive on our planet – and over 3 billion of them are active on social media platforms.

Have we convinced you yet?

At Caster, we use social to connect and share organic, branded, and user-generated content as part of your PR investment. On a daily basis, our teams work in cooperation with clients to effectively share and promote news, leverage industry-specific discussions and inserting client brands into the conversation and engage with their customers and relevant journalists and influencers.

Whether you are just starting profiles, have a presence that just isn’t working for you or you just want to step up your game and grow your program – we’re here for it. We’ve been creating and executing social media plans for our clients before Twitter even had a million users. We know what works, what doesn’t and the tools you need to make your social media efforts count towards the bottom line.

Social media works best if it’s integrated into your core PR + marketing program to maximize your content and PR efforts and build credibility and buzz.

The world of social is ever-evolving, and we make sure to stay on top of the latest techniques and algorithm shifts that impact results. Caster creates earned, shared, and paid campaigns that encourage community engagement, cultivate meaningful interactions with influencers big and small, push online brand awareness, and demonstrate your thought leadership.

We build and nurture engaged communities that help

spread your messages far and wide.

Who uses social? Everyone.

We live and breathe social media and weave it into the fabric of every customized communications plan. Working with companies large and small, we deliver strategic thinking and provide internal team guidance or get you started by managing platforms from start to finish. Where are your customers? We’ll help you find them.

We will build it (and they will come).

We do more than just post on your accounts – we also understand social’s immense impact and ability to amplify your message and build communities. Every platform has a different purpose, a unique style and culture all of its own that requires nuance and a thoughtful approach. You won’t just come across as authentic – your efforts will give existing and future stakeholders a reason to come back.

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