Who We Are

Communication is not just what we do; it’s who we are.

All of us believe deeply in the difference we can make through our work both professionally and personally, for our clients and for our communities. Serious about our work but silly amongst ourselves, our team runs the generational gamut but shares similar spirit across the board.


Given our HQ is in Newport, Rhode Island, the Caster crew hails from the lovely northeast region of the United States, though we’ve also got remote folks currently scattered across the South, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and West Coast.

Our team shares many traits in common, like our collective love for spice, seafood, and horror movies, as well as our general inability to see – nearly 80% of us wear glasses or contacts. Strangely, all of us are right-handed, though we promise that’s not a requirement to work with us.

We are similarly unanimous in our love for the outdoors, as we have runners, hikers, golfers, skiers, and swimmers within our group. The most popular activity amongst the team is yoga, and some have even invented their own poses such as the “Downward-facing Dammit,” which is when you are interrupted mid-practice by your dog.

Speaking of which, we are incredibly passionate about our pets at Caster, and our mammalian mascots of choice are a pair of indestructible Westminster terriers named Molly and Maisy who have battled coyotes and foxes. We’ve also got Bennie, Bruce, Lucy, Luke, Moxie, Olive, Otis, Pancho, Boone, Callie Jo, and Tigger bouncing around to keep us company, among others. Sadly, we lost Boomer last year, but he is deeply missed. About half of us have human children as well, which is roughly the same percentage of the team that still has cable. Whether there is causality there or merely correlation is for you to decide.

On an individual level, we do have our idiosyncrasies, as not a single one of us shares the same favorite podcast, we all have our own preferred National Parks, and we can’t seem to agree on the best way to take morning coffee. That said, whatever we listen to, wherever we go, and however we start our day…

The one thing we have in common? We love working together.

Who we hang out with

At Caster, we understand the value of partnering with like-minded groups to expand our networks, provide education, and give back to communities. We participate in a number of industry associations and groups across PR and marketing, local business and technology groups that are key to the markets we serve.

Industry-Recognized Excellence

In addition to the hundreds of awards we’ve helped our clients capture, Caster has earned numerous accolades of our own. The industry agrees: when it comes to PR, content, social media, and more, Caster is among the best of the best.