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Four Reasons Former Journalists Make Great PR People

For a generation, journalists stayed “in the game” until retirement. In fact, I used to joke that I would leave broadcasting when they pried the microphone out of my cold, dead hand.  These days, that’s the exception and not the rule. Therefore, many of us (hi there) end up as PR people, writing and pitching […]

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Leveraging the Momentum: PR Strategies that Maximize Trade Show Success

If you’re reading this that means you’ve survived 9 months of trade shows this year. Congratulations! I hope you’ve avoided burn out because the hard work doesn’t stop when a trade show is over – that’s when the real work begins.  Leveraging trade show results is just as important as attending the trade show itself. […]

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The End of My First Internship

Tourists are leaving town in flocks, “Back to School” signs are around every corner, the days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting cooler. Summer is ending, and soon, so will my internship at Caster. I am headed into my junior year of college with a whole new mindset about the working world. This […]

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What is PR Worth?

Data is a religion among business leaders. Leading indicators are prophets, and lagging indicators form a holy text. Investments are laid at the altar of better data insights: 91.9 percent of Fortune 100 executives say they’re accelerating their companies’ investments in big data systems. At the same time, only 24 percent of those same executives […]

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Media Fatigue Is Real. Can PR Practitioners Help?

The release of the 2023 Reuters Institute Digital News Report from The University of Oxford piqued the interest of our team this month. The executive summary reveals that 72% of publishers are concerned over news avoidance in 2023, which hit an all-time high this year while engagement dipped across outlets and platforms. Social media, news […]

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