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Can You Handle The Truth? Your Company Isn’t Ready For PR

We believe – deeply – in the power of public relations, but, there’s an elephant in the room: not every company is ready for a PR Agency.  There we said it.  Many people think that marketing and public relations are one and the same (seriously, my favorite party topic). If you’re actually going to pay […]

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Mise En Place PR

How cooking and PR are eerily similar Great chefs aren’t born, they’re forged – and I submit the same is true for PR professionals. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, “mise en place” is a French term for “having all your ingredients measured, cut, peeled, sliced, grated, etc. before you start cooking” – if you […]

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How the Caster Crew Rejuvenates Creativity

PR professionals are always thinking ahead, trying to stay on top of trends and consider what events clients should attend throughout the year. Planning months in advance and always thinking in terms of “what-if,” “what’s happening,” and “in 6 months, there is a perfect opportunity!” has the potential to wear on your creativity, because you’re […]

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“What is an Audio Edge Processor?” And Other Questions Answered Through My Internship at Caster

By Sophia Damon, PR Intern | URI Class of 2022  Before my first day as an intern at Caster, I only knew about the foundational pieces of public relations that I learned in my classes at URI. I could write a press release and PR plan based on the basic structure professors show us at […]

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