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“Does This Need a Press Release?” A Checklist for Evaluating Newsworthiness

When a company has something to say, issuing a press release is often the go-to move. It’s understandable: press releases are a perfect vehicle for quickly, effectively, and accurately briefing the press on significant developments. I’ll be honest – they’re kind of awesome, and they’re one of my favorite genres to write. While press releases […]

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How to Pinpoint Your Perfect Audience

Have you ever been presented with an ad on social media and thought, “How did my phone know that I needed this before I did?” Because I sure have. As a Gen Z female who scrolls TikTok in replacement of evening TV, I’ve been targeted by ads promoting products that would satisfy wants I’ve merely […]

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A Short Story About Long-Tail Keywords…and Why They’re Important

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a lot of fun…at least to me. It’s like solving a word puzzle using strategic thinking or, as I sometimes call it, “word chess.”  While good content is engaging, digestible, and easy to understand, the SEO side of my brain also wants to ensure it answers specific questions and provides […]

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How Caster Supports Clients at Trade Shows

I love putting on a show. Weeks of hard work, late nights and practice beyond the point of perfection, all for that glorious moment where you share it with the world: It’s an electrifying high. No wonder that, once my high school theater and college a cappella days were behind me, I found myself drawn […]

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Leveraging Awards in your PR Strategy

Between the months of November and February every year, Awards season in Hollywood ratchets up as celebs, directors, musicians, and costume designers alike wait to hear if their project has caught the attention of awards judges. The next Meryl Streep may be discovered in this year’s selections. From the Emmys to the SAG Awards, Grammys […]

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