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Enter the #CASTERCOMMunity Sweepstakes at CEDIA Expo!

CEDIA Expo is back for 2022, and it’s going big in Texas! We can’t wait to connect with our clients, friends and fellow CEDIA community members on the show floor. Caster will have six team members onsite representing eight clients –the highest number we’ve had on the floor since 2007. To celebrate a strong return […]

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PR issue or crisis: How you act might define what it is.

At Caster, we have managed a fair share of PR crises over the years. But is crisis always the right word? We had the Kaleidescape account when the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA) filed its headline grabbing lawsuit against the hot start up. The DVD CCA, at the time, was a corporation controlled by […]

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Is Your Content Sticky Enough? How PR Pros Squeeze Fresh Glue into Your Strategy

Did the word “sticky” in the title grab your attention? The first time I saw the word used in reference to content writing, I certainly made a face. A lot of things are sticky – and while you might be rattling off normal adhesives like tape and glue, my brain defaulted to things I’d rather […]

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Onboarding with a PR Agency: 4 Step Process

So you’ve decided to hire a PR agency – what should the onboarding process look like? In this blog, I’ll talk about what it’s like to start a PR engagement and the four key components of the onboarding process that set the foundation for success. PR is not a tap that can be turned on […]

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Comma Chameleon

PR pros do a lot of writing and editing. If we’re not careful, we can wind up getting pretty high on our own supply in the process. We develop deeply ingrained preferences for our own habits, viewing stylistic differences as errors, corrections as affronts, and rewrites as assaults on our souls. Reader, I have not […]

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