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Rumor Has It: The Baddies of History Pt. 1

Let’s play a game of women’s history word association. I’m going to list four powerful women. Your job is to list the first fact that comes to mind about each of them: Cleopatra Marie Antionette Catherine the Great Elizabeth Bathory Now, be honest: Did you recall Cleopatra as a beautiful temptress who seduced the rulers […]

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A Guide to “All-Parts PR”

Sit in on enough new business pitches and you begin to pick up on some commonalities. When the topic of our approach to PR inevitably comes up, one trend I have identified, and found myself explaining to both would-be and soon-to-be clients is what I deem the “All-Parts PR” approach. Okay, what are you talking […]

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Should We Still Be on Twitter?

Twitter debuted when I was in college – the concept of social media and digital marketing was SO NEW that there was not a single course on it yet. Some professors even questioned the legitimacy of these new platforms. How could this really be the future of media? Did I just date myself? …yep. When […]

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Getting Your Feet Wet in PR? Here Are Four Free Resources to Get You Started

If you’ve been noodling on the idea of adding a PR program to your business, you may have noticed that seasoned PR people don’t really like to give away secrets to success. It’s a competitive world out there – can you blame us? We spend years building relationships and bolstering our skills, cementing our reputation […]

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The Human Experience as a PR Foundation

(AKA The Importance of Authenticity in PR)  An impactful public relations strategy reflects the human experience.  What is the human experience? I am so glad you asked. According to my 7th grade language arts teacher, the human experience refers to universally relatable themes about life and society, encompassing themes like relationships, aging, materialism, and learning […]

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