We think big because our clients do.

Getting ready to enter the market, thinking about expanding to new markets or need to rebrand in your existing market? Our senior team brings C-level strategists to the table, guiding you with one-on-one support as you build, plan, execute, and grow. With unparalleled business acumen, expertise in modern communications and experience working with companies at every stage of life, Caster’s seasoned professionals can work quickly and efficiently. Before you hire an entire team, launch your offering, or pivot your brand, talk to us.

After over 25 years working with tech companies of every shape and size, we’ve seen it all – and we’re pretty great at helping you make the right decisions.

Go-to-market strategy.

Maybe you’re not ready for a full PR push but need the right guidance to avoid missteps and set yourself up for success. Companies that think about the long game even before they’ve begun will come out on top in the end. Or maybe you’re ready to emerge from stealth? We’ve worked with companies small and large to develop not only a plan for PR, but a larger, strategic approach integrated with marketing, to garner the most momentum possible.

  • Company brand story launches, rebrands, product launches
  • Consultation on go-to-market, partnerships, opportunities, distribution, investment & connections
  • Planning, strategy, ideation, web and social audits
  • SWOT analysis and brand story development

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Seed to sale.

With over 25 years working with tech companies from seed-round startup launching out of stealth mode to IPO and everything in between, Caster has helped clients of all sizes navigate the world of launch, acquisition, SPAC, funding, and IPO. But it’s the journey of who you talk to and the media who understand your story will determine who pays attention.

  • Investment news: Seed, Series A, B, C, D, Acquisition, Mergers, IPO, SPAC
  • Executive media training, fact sheets, backgrounders
  • Collaboration with investment groups, venture firms, incubators to maximize attention
  • Relationships with top tier media covering funding & investment news from Wall Street Journal and Financial Times to TechCrunch and Axios and everything in between.

VentureBeat| AdaSky Raises $20 million to build far-infrared sensor for autonomous cars
CTech| NanoLock secures $11 million Series B to boost OT and IoT device-level protection
TechCrunch| Tempo Automation raises $45M Series C for its turnkey circuit board manufacturing solution
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Commercial Integrator| SnapAV to Acquire Control4 in $680 Million Deal
CBC| Stephen Harper joined ex-spymasters in company investing in Israeli security tech

ABCs of M&A.

M+A drives media attention, but it works both ways, too. You can’t be a tech darling if no one knows your name. When you’re planning for a merger or acquisition a lot depends on timing and how to tell your people. We help companies craft the sensitive internal messaging and balance that with the flashy external messaging to create a flawlessly executed timeline of events that create internal buy-in and garner a big bang externally.

  • Internal Communications, Town hall webinars, employee letters, events
  • Executive media training, fact sheets, backgrounders, presentation decks, video scripts
  • Tier one relationships with business media from Forbes to Fortune to Bloomberg to Insider

Source Security| Nice Acquires Nortek Security & Control, LLC To Strengthen Its Global Smart Home & Building Automation Position
CE Pro| Nice S.p.A. Acquires Majority Share of Abode, Self-Installed Security, Home Automation
AnAndTech| Silicon Labs Acquires Sigma Designs’ Z-Wave Business
Forbes| Control4 Ramps Up Proprietary Plans With Neeo Acquisition
UC Today|  Crestron to Acquire Video and Camera Technology
AP News| Bitcoin Miner Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc. and, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPRT) Announce Merger Agreement

Extinguishing Fires.

We’ve seen our fair share of fires – some spread like wildfire, yet others we stamped out before the spark caught. We’ve managed media responses to a worldwide security hack impacting 100 million devices and trained CEOs on how to talk through a difficult narrative regarding a company scandal or questionable business decision. We’ve rescued consumer brands from negative reputations and bad product reviews and guided B2B brands through delicate channel partner issues. We’ve protected brands against competitors trying to light them on fire and guided companies through pandemic-induced supply chain challenges.

When it comes to crisis PR, Caster has done it all and helped clients come out stronger on the other side. When we start a program, we run the issue from every angle, assessing the potential PR pitfalls and landmines, identifying media trigger points, and developing key communication pillars. From there we build a plan to move into action if the worst happens. We coach executives on the messaging points and drill into the hard FAQs to expect from the press. We guide teams on how to own up if they were in the wrong, and how to stand up for themselves if they are being attacked. No matter how big the flames are, Caster makes sure the client keeps their cool.

  • Crisis management, preparation, and response
  • Crisis and risk mitigation
  • Corporate reputation management
  • Media training
  • Security vulnerabilities, executive transitions, scandals, negative product reviews/recalls

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