Public Relations

Earned media placement validates your brand.

Traditional PR is still at the core of the programs we build for your business. From press releases to product reviews to awards to case studies, our PR work yields media awareness, coverage, engagement, and results. Most importantly, we’ve cultivated a diverse media audience who span from traditional journalists both print and online as well as bloggers and micro-and macro-influencers.

Getting The Story

Whether it’s launches, new partnerships, funding announcements or corporate news, Caster’s strong media relationships and understanding of our focus industries drive results. And in between major news, we’ll keep the coverage pipeline filled with pitching at the core of every program.

Who We Know

You’re probably heard about “those PR firms.” Ones that blast any news to any journalist on their list regardless of relevance. Our approach is exactly the opposite. We don’t just ‘spray and pray’ to get coverage. We take the time to cultivate and nurture media relationships that span decades.

From Idea to Introduction

There are no shortage of proposals and ideas out there – the ones that succeed come up with a compelling story for an audience that has a need. We help companies take the step from a basement prototype or fundraising campaign to legitimacy in the market. It’s noisy out there; we can amplify.

With each additional mention in the press, your credibility increases. We believe media relations should be a two-way street.

We’re both a source and a resource to the media, connecting them with meaningful story ideas, jumping into news opportunities in real time and identifying trends to streamline media outreach.

We are always monitoring and adjusting based on real-time feedback. We analyze and adjust and harness the power of data to connect results back to the larger organization.

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Public Relations

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