End-to-End Expertise: The WHY Z-WAVE eBook and Social Campaign






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Open standards development requires broad consensus-building, meticulous technical inquiry and testing, and exhaustive review and commentary. As a result, Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) often enter an extended “quiet period” between major specification releases. During these times, organizations are extremely busy beneath the surface but not producing any new outward-facing announcements or materials.  

This was the case for the Z-Wave Alliance. With development as a core objective for the brand in 2023, the release schedule featured predictable “quiet periods” between planned announcements. However, the Alliance couldn’t afford to go silent: In the fast-moving smart home landscape, even Z-Wave needed its Alliance to continually demonstrate its relevance to device manufacturers, technology integrators, end users, and the media. The Z-Wave Alliance required a creative approach to allow them to stay top-of-mind for these stakeholders, engage their social media audience, and attract new members even without a heavy news cadence. 



Caster drew upon a valuable yet underutilized resource to make noise during quiet periods: the annual Z-Wave Ecosystem Report.  

This comprehensive market research project contained a wealth of untapped data and storylines, which Caster had worked closely with the research analysts to develop and promote. Having been immersed in the report’s data and the industry’s trends, Caster was well-equipped to tackle the eBook campaign with expertise. The team methodically dissected the material from the 2023 report to create the WHY Z-WAVE eBook series, which formed the backbone of the Alliance’s outreach campaign. 

Caster designed a release calendar that included seven individual eBooks, with releases timed across a five-month period to maintain the momentum of the Z-Wave Alliance between scheduled events, announcements and Board of Directors updates. Caster created the written copy for all seven eBooks in-house, relying on the Ecosystem Report to minimize the time required from client subject matter experts.  

Each eBook release was supported by a dedicated social media campaign, leveraging paid LinkedIn and organic social promotion across X, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. The goal for the paid LinkedIn campaign was to generate at least 2,000 website visits without increasing the original budget, which Caster knew would require at least 400,000 impressions. Given that each eBook targeted a different vertical, leveraged current Alliance member data to allocate the LinkedIn budget according to each audience segment’s size and predicted response. Caster also streamlined the budget by creating all LinkedIn campaign graphics in-house. 

Throughout the campaign, Caster monitored the live performance of each post, proactively replacing any posts that didn’t reach predetermined engagement metrics and using learning to optimize future posts. Each social post contained a link to a gated landing page, where users could download the eBook for free in exchange for their contact information.