Hacking the PR Game: How Caster Helped Hype NanoLock Right as the OT Security Market Took Off


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“We can count on many of today’s startups to behave as startups always have — rushing products to market and racing to meet demand at the cost of inevitable product and security bugs. Backdoors are out there waiting to be uncovered by hackers. One group of researchers found they could get passwords for most off-the-shelf IoT devices they tested in less than 30 minutes… Firms like NanoLock provide device-level protection, fending off attacks on industrial smart meters, sensors, and controllers — even if hackers have breached the network.”

– – Shafin Tejani, Forbes | The Cybersecurity Gap Hidden In The Background


Cybersecurity coverage has typically focused on protecting IT targets with solutions that prevent illicit access. NanoLock fits into neither of those categories, as their unique solution is built for OT devices and systems, prioritizing outcome-prevention at all costs. With attacks on OT targets on the rise and hackers virtually guaranteed to gain access to everything eventually, NanoLock had an opportunity to capture significant new business – provided they could educate audiences about the risks, establish their expertise, and prove the efficacy of their solution against attacks from all vectors, including outsiders, insiders, supply-chain sources and even human error. This was no small task, as countless cybersecurity startups come out of Israel searching for customers, investors, and partners. With hundreds – if not thousands – of security startups claiming to be more innovative and essential than the last and all fighting for the same audiences, NanoLock needed a way to break through with their unique message and solution before their moment passed.


What makes NanoLock unique amongst their security peers is their approach treats breaches into highly vulnerable OT systems as a foregone conclusion – rather than stopping the access, they instead seek to stop the intruder from changing anything once inside.

Therefore, PR program goals for NanoLock included expanding awareness of the OT security issue and the need for a new style of security amongst high-value audiences in key media markets like industrial/manufacturing, energy, and security. Caster also leveraged key partnerships and current events to bolster the brand’s unique solution and positioning. The full PR program also heavily prioritized communicating the deep technical acumen of NanoLock and its personnel, as it’s not enough for customers, investors, and partners to know who you are; they need to trust your expertise. Social media was also a substantial part of the program. Caster used the momentum of the program’s thought leadership initiatives to help the NanoLock accounts take off and grow the company’s following.


With Caster’s help, commentary from NanoLock experts appeared in Tier 1 publications like Bloomberg, Politico, and CTECH, while news from the company was covered in Bloomberg News, Tech Advisor, and countless industry-specific publications like The Cyberwire, Dark Reading, Security Today, Smart Energy International, Smart Industry, Counter Terror Business, and Industrial Cyber Security Pulse. Caster kicked off an analyst relations campaign that put NanoLock executives in direct contact with groups including Omdia, Gartner, 451 Research (S&P Global), Frost & Sullivan, Forrester, and more.

Caster also identified relevant awards programs and submitted NanoLock’s innovations, resulting in several wins, including being named a Tracxn Emerging Startup of the Year and a Baby Black Unicorn by Cyber Defense Magazine, as well as named one of “10 Hot Security Startups to Watch” by Network World.

With over 385 unique pieces of coverage and a combined UVM of over one billion during the total PR program, Caster certainly gave NanoLock the exposure they were looking for, helping NanoLock secure the business of dozens of new customers and partners across the world, gain substantial additional funding from both new and existing sources, and expand their operations into new markets.

The Numbers

Traditional Media

  • Total Stories: 156 across 18 months
  • Total UVM: 204.57M
  • Advertising Value Equivalent: $1.89M
  • Total Engagement: 1,877
  • Journalist Reach: 183.54K

Social Media growth in 18 months

  • Net Audience Growth: 251.7%
  • Total Engagements: 160.6%
  • LinkedIn Engagements: 306.4%
  • Post Link Clicks: 171.9%

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