Case Study: Kameleon Security


Kameleon’s simple solution to data center security essentially created an entirely new category within their industry, but prior to engaging Caster Communications in the fall of 2020, Kameleon struggled to define this new category and communicate its benefits to potential investors. Kameleon had yet to even launch their website, let alone their product. A further challenge was standing out from the hundreds of other startups in the cybersecurity industry, each of which with their own mix of entrepreneurial experience, industry personnel, and military and counterintelligence bona fides. Though a member at Open Compute Project and an active contributor to the OCP-Security project, Kameleon was a diamond in a desert: gleaming with promise but in urgent need of attention lest it risk being passed over.


With only a limited runway and a tight budget, Kameleon needed to scale their solution and reputation before anyone else stole their thunder. With that in mind, Caster developed and executed a PR program built around three key goals:

  • Raise awareness of the issue of firmware security, the inadequacy of existing solutions, and the consequences of inaction.
  • Demonstrate the value of Kameleon’s unique solution, the ProSPU, and how it permanently solves for previous security issues that have only ever been patched over.
  • Establish Kameleon and its personnel as experts in their field with a deep understanding of the technology, the industry, and the needs and motivations of industry actors.

In pursuit of these goals, Caster and Kameleon worked in tandem to generate consistent media opportunities for company announcements and thought leadership, with a focus on positioning the company as a startup of significance for cybersecurity and business media and audiences to monitor moving forward. Caster also assisted with developing the Kameleon brand story, internal and external company messaging, and copy and design consulting for the company website launch.


Commentary from Kameleon’s experts appeared in Tier 1 publications like Digital Trends and TechRadar, while contributed thought leadership pieces secured and developed by Caster ran in popular and poignant destinations like Semiconductor Engineering, Help Net Security, and Embedded. Kameleon was also included on a number of top startup lists, including from CSO Magazine and CIO Magazine. Caster also kicked off an analyst relations campaign that put Kameleon executives in direct contact with groups including ABI Research, Gartner, 451 Research (S&P Global), Constellation Research, Forrester Research, and more. Caster also identified relevant awards programs and submitted Kameleon’s solutions, resulting in the company winning a 2022 Cyber Security Global Excellence Award.

The greatest achievement of the program however was that Kameleon was acquired by aerospace computing infrastructure firm Ramon.Space within 11 months of working with Caster. Per Avi Shabtai, the CEO of Ramon.Space, this was due in no small part to the well-regarded expertise of the company and its personnel, something that speaks directly to Caster’s brand awareness and thought leadership efforts.

  • Total Stories: 35 unique features across 6 months
  • Total UVM: 62.15M
  • Journalist Reach: 16,630
  • Total Engagement: 700
  • Acquired within 11 months of working with Caster