’s COVID Response: Staying Connected in the Era of Distance

Campaign Highlights

  • Legacy customer and technical support brand sought a refreshing, multi-faceted thought leadership program: The brand needed to spread awareness of its new TechSolutions subscriptions to consumers and small businesses, while also solidifying its position as the leading employer and provider in the homesourcing business model.
  • In response to the onset of COVID-19, Caster pivoted’s PR program to benefit the masses, leveraging an integrated social media and thought leadership program to support a plethora of audiences in navigating a new home-based, technologically connected lifestyle.
  • In just three months, experienced a boom of unique coverage across tier one and industry publications alike, enabling the brand to grow its position as a thought leader while simultaneously establishing a supportive foundation for a brand-new global community of tech learners, job hunters, and remote workers.

The Strategy was uniquely positioned to help here: Its team well-versed in both the remote work and customer support experiences that the world was seeking answers about. The team’s unique experience and leadership in the work-from-home space gave Caster Communications a solid pivot point as’s executive team refined its internal strategy to help others.

Caster revised the PR approach for client to offer the CEO as an expert on working from home, hiring during COVID, and managing remote tech support. Caster pivoted to quickly position and its CEO as resources to a global community within the first two weeks of US stay-at-home orders, using a three-phase approach:

First, in response to COVID and the rapid shift to digital for learners, teachers, families, and workers alike, Caster distributed the news that would offer free tech support via TechSolutions to anyone who needed it, whether for remote work, distance learning, or staying connected socially.

Second, Caster leveraged Support’s unique 20-year tenure in a fully remote model to offer the CEO as an expert with advice for working from home. With so many companies struggling to transition to remote work,’s CEO and CTO began sharing tips on security, tools, processes and ways of engaging remote employees, which were resources for businesses trying to make the transition with the least amount of friction. Leveraging key press and trade relationships and intensive news cycle monitoring, Caster used the expert position of the brand to secure several tier one interviews and media opportunities.

Third, during a time when people were being laid off in droves, was hiring for an unlimited amount of remote tech support roles. Caster helped the company capitalize on this and share the news through various channels to encourage the public to apply, including business, mainstream, tech, HR and retail publications. A range of editorial features offered listicles and roundups for job seekers, which Caster proactively monitored, pitched, and tracked daily.

In all three phases, Caster enabled the executive team to showcase their expertise and share their advice through media opportunities, bylined contributed articles, corporate blog posts, interviews and very importantly, social media.

Using strategic social listening and continuous engagement, Caster captured a significant share-of-voice on LinkedIn by mobilizing deliberately curated content and hashtags to capture the attention of LinkedIn editors, who aggregate and recommend trending posts based on interactions and performance.’s grandfather position in the remote work vertical allowed Caster to guide conversations in #remotework and #workfromhome threads, while its ability to hire workers from anywhere in the world due to its homebased model enabled the brand to get a head start on the fast-growing, wide-reaching #nowhiring and #unemployment trends that boomed in early April.

Meanwhile, across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, Caster leveraged robust social media campaigns to echo the CEO’s sentiment, informing consumers about free tech solutions offerings on Facebook and Twitter and driving conversations on LinkedIn around’s unlimited number of available remote work positions.