Trident IoT: Expedited Launch Expert Approach


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While still in stealth mode as a startup, Trident IoT had assembled the deepest bench of Z-Wave engineering talent in the world. Their near-term product roadmap was to offer standard Z-Wave chipsets at launch with their own proprietary modules to follow mere weeks after.

That alone would have been fuel for a strong launch, but the company’s long-term plans we far more ambitious. They planned to offer chipsets and services for all RF ecosystems, including potentially multi-platform modules.

The sales team was eager to begin outreach on Z-Wave products as soon as possible, hoping to capture accounts at the beginning of the 2024 budget and purchasing cycle. For the long term, however, it was essential to build a comprehensive brand identity for Trident IoT that would support its expansion into additional technologies in the future.

Trident IoT needed a launch that would lead to instant brand recognition and sales, but not pigeonhole them as a Z-Wave provider. Their leadership approached Caster in June 2023, seeking a strategy to launch their company not just to Z-Wave manufacturers, but across the IoT ecosystem.



With a tight turnaround of seven weeks, Caster sprang into action swiftly with a multi-pronged action plan, organizing joint media and content opportunities for Trident IoT leadership.

Caster developed a comprehensive strategic plan, crafting and communicating a compelling brand story to spark the interest of top-tier media and industry experts alike.

Focusing on Trident IoT’s breadth of expertise and the leadership’s history of success in the IoT market, Caster built uniform content and brand voice for the web, press, social media, and email marketing in order to position Trident IoT for success out of the gate.

Caster built extensive web content messaging, assembled an asset-rich press kit, and consulted on a brand identity to support a high-profile launch. Caster also orchestrated social media for Trident IoT and its leadership throughout the launch, from LinkedIn drafting “new role” announcements in advance of launch to prime the leaders’ vast networks, to prepping the staff to change roles and post on launch day, to live posting and engagement as the news spread.

In the final days before launch, Caster ensured strong same-day coverage and a long trail of follow-up stories by organizing pre-briefings with the key press and analysts, including Stacey on IoT, Electronic Products, The Verge, Moor Insights & Strategy, and SmartTech Research.


Following the launch, the Trident IoT announcement garnered 55 unique media stories, including top-tier coverage from The Verge, Stacey on IoT, CE Pro, Electronic Products, and EE Journal.

Media reported the news from the perspective of Trident IoT creating a huge splash in the smart home device B2B space, offering a secondary source for Z-Wave chipsets and modules at the outset, as well as being a certification house and consultant for new RF devices coming to market.

The launch spurred a flood of inbound requests from analysts, media, podcasts, and events, including CEDIA 2023, establishing new press relationships for Trident and Caster for future story opportunities.

The social media response to a brand-new company was immense, with Trident IoT’s LinkedIn page receiving more than 3,000 page views and more than 1,000 unique visitors in the last two weeks of August.

Trident IoT was founded to fill an industry gap by offering companies cost-effective solutions to bring wireless products to market. Through thoughtful strategic groundwork and expert coordination, Caster helped Trident IoT create its own space to grow.