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World Events, Social Media & Corporate Messaging: A Three Step Guide

When conducting media training, we guide executives through communication and self-regulation exercises to know what to say and when to stop talking. These same principles apply to corporate communications and social media in times of global crisis. The pressure to comment or post on big new stories, take a stance on an issue, or insert […]

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The Double-Sided Coin of Going In-House for PR

I can probably guess what you are thinking when you read this blog title – an agency person is going to exhaustively list why it’s not a good idea to take my public relations activities in house. But that guess would be wrong. Here’s the thing, I’ve been on both sides of the table. I’ve […]

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Brand Launch Laundry List

The Brand Launch Laundry List

Our clients span the whole business lifecycle. At one end of the spectrum, we have category-making clients like Crestron and Hunter Douglas with established messaging, brand recognition, and well-understood technology. On the other end are fledgling startups with, well, none of those things. Many clients come to us in stealth mode for our seasoned expertise […]

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Engaging with Clients on Social: The Why & How for Custom Integrators

About a month ago, an installer posed this question. “Do you think it is acceptable to connect with each new client you start working with on social media? Or do you know of an article that talks about social media and new client relationships?” My response: “Most dealers will add a customer to their email […]

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The Best Advisors Say No

We’ve all been in that meeting. The meeting where someone, usually in a leadership role, suggests a terrible idea. An idea that’s either counterproductive to the mission of the organization, outside of the scope or abilities of the people within that organization, or just plain wrongheaded. The trajectory of that idea depends on the rest […]

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