PR Strategy

Engaging with Clients on Social: The Why & How for Custom Integrators

About a month ago, an installer posed this question. “Do you think it is acceptable to connect with each new client you start working with on social media? Or do you know of an article that talks about social media and new client relationships?” My response: “Most dealers will add a customer to their email […]

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The Best Advisors Say No

We’ve all been in that meeting. The meeting where someone, usually in a leadership role, suggests a terrible idea. An idea that’s either counterproductive to the mission of the organization, outside of the scope or abilities of the people within that organization, or just plain wrongheaded. The trajectory of that idea depends on the rest […]

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Unpacking the Facebook Privacy Crisis – What the Future Could Mean for Brands Who Use Facebook to Reach Consumers

It’s hard to look anywhere online these days without seeing news about Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica data scandal and subsequent litigation. If you haven’t followed the news, here’s the gist in a nutshell: Cambridge Analytica, a data mining and analytics firm, is accused of misusing user data from as many as 50 million Facebook […]

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