She did WHAT? The Baddies of History Pt. 2

It’s Women’s History Month, and Caster is spending it with the girls who smoke behind the bleachers during gym class. Last week, we added some dimension to unfairly flattened stories of Cleopatra and Marie Antionette. This week, we’re taking a look at two women who shocked the world: Catherine the Great and Elizabeth Bathory, the […]

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Rumor Has It: The Baddies of History Pt. 1

Let’s play a game of women’s history word association. I’m going to list four powerful women. Your job is to list the first fact that comes to mind about each of them: Cleopatra Marie Antionette Catherine the Great Elizabeth Bathory Now, be honest: Did you recall Cleopatra as a beautiful temptress who seduced the rulers […]

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PR Fails from 2022 and What We Can Learn from Them – Part 2

Last week, we dove into three of the biggest PR debacles in politics, tech, and finance: Liz Truss versus lettuce, Elon Musk versus Twitter, and SBF versus his own ability to shut up. This week, we’ll examine what we can learn from some of year’s worst communications screw-ups in fashion, music, and sports. Know When […]

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PR Fails from 2022 and What We Can Learn from Them – Part 1

Every failure supposedly contains a lesson – which is why we’re closing out 2022 by looking back on some of the most noteworthy PR fails of the past year and what we can all learn from them. When it comes to poor communications, 2022 was a rich text. There were simply too many epic disasters […]

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PR fails

Lessons From The PR Fails of 2021 (So Far)

Ah, the dreaded #PRFail: we’ve all seen our share. Sometimes, the hashtag is attached to a thoughtless publicity stunt on social media; sometimes, it’s a serious crisis, handled poorly.  As public relations professionals, it’s our job to analyze how corporate communications are likely to make the audience feel so we can avoid PR fails. For […]

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