Public Relations

Onboarding with a PR Agency: 4 Step Process

So you’ve decided to hire a PR agency – what should the onboarding process look like? In this blog, I’ll talk about what it’s like to start a PR engagement and the four key components of the onboarding process that set the foundation for success. PR is not a tap that can be turned on […]

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The PR Genius of Drag Queens

I draw a lot of inspiration from drag queens—and I don’t just mean the abundance of leopard print in my closet. Drag performers are savvy communicators, haunting storytellers, detail-oriented obsessives, and improv geniuses. They’re daring, passionate, smart, and above all, memorable. Frankly, as a PR pro, that’s everything I hope to be. The closest I’ve […]

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Kayla's Blog

Can You Handle The Truth? Your Company Isn’t Ready For PR

We believe – deeply – in the power of public relations, but, there’s an elephant in the room: not every company is ready for a PR Agency.  There we said it.  Many people think that marketing and public relations are one and the same (seriously, my favorite party topic). If you’re actually going to pay […]

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Crisis Comms

Three Pillars to Define Your Crisis Comms

It’s not uncommon for a company to stumble through communications responses in the midst of a crisis – Hey, it’s a stressful time, and aligning on what comes next can add an extra layer of stress response for even the most savvy executive. We’ve all seen companies that flounder through a crisis, and the PR pros […]

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PR Survey Takeaways

2021 State of PR Survey Takeaways

Summer is an invigorating season for a PR pro in Southern Rhode Island. The weather is gorgeous, the sun is shining at the local beaches, the local bike path is blooming, and Muck Rack’s 2021 State of PR survey is finally out. One of these things is not like the others, but it’s still pretty […]

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