What is PR Worth?

Data is a religion among business leaders. Leading indicators are prophets, and lagging indicators form a holy text. Investments are laid at the altar of better data insights: 91.9 percent of Fortune 100 executives say they’re accelerating their companies’ investments in big data systems. At the same time, only 24 percent of those same executives […]

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PR Fails from 2022 and What We Can Learn from Them – Part 2

Last week, we dove into three of the biggest PR debacles in politics, tech, and finance: Liz Truss versus lettuce, Elon Musk versus Twitter, and SBF versus his own ability to shut up. This week, we’ll examine what we can learn from some of year’s worst communications screw-ups in fashion, music, and sports. Know When […]

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Three is a Magic Number

Caster scores a new client hat trick in October October was a busy month for Caster Communications. In between basking in all the press from CEDIA 2022, launching the seminal Crestron Modern Workplace Research Report, and starting 2023 plans, we signed three, count them, THREE extremely cool new clients. via GIPHY RTC RealTime Community was […]

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Why One-Off PR isn’t Effective

When I talk to people about public relations, occasionally I get Veruca Salt vibes. Do you remember the little girl from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory who obstinately declared: “Don’t care how, I want it now!”? This is how I feel about one-off public relations in place of what should be a carefully crafted, long-term […]

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Can You Handle The Truth? Your Company Isn’t Ready For PR

We believe – deeply – in the power of public relations, but, there’s an elephant in the room: not every company is ready for a PR Agency.  There we said it.  Many people think that marketing and public relations are one and the same (seriously, my favorite party topic). If you’re actually going to pay […]

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