Code Climate

Code Climate, maker of the Engineering Management Platform Velocity, is trusted by thousands of organizations – from enterprises to startups – to optimize return on investment in software engineering. Code Climate was founded in 2011 by engineering leaders who were frustrated by decisions being made in the dark or by gut instinct. After nearly a decade helping over 100,000 developers improve the quality and maintainability of their codebases with their automated code review tool, Quality, Code Climate launched their flagship product Velocity, enabling technology leaders to make better informed – and therefore better – management decisions.

Velocity delivers impact from day one, giving organizations insight into how their engineering resources are allocated, automated flags for delivery risks and bottlenecks, and internal and external benchmarking. Using Velocity, engineering leaders can align their team structure and resources to strategic priorities, intervene early to prevent delivery delays, and take targeted steps to improve their team’s productivity and performance. Learn more at

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